The Blacklist season 9 Episode 19 provides a title card tribute: to Kurt Perez? Who is he?

The Blacklist season 9 episode 19, ended with an emotional title card, and it was dedicated to someone dear to the audience. For those unfamiliar, Perez was an integral part of the show’s world as a crew member. He tragically died at a far too young age earlier this year.

Crews for shows like these are a close-knit group, which is understandable given that they work extraordinarily long hours for the majority of the year. Title cards are one of the most effective methods for any show to honor someone who works behind the scenes. These are things that will live on in the future, and every person who passes by will have the opportunity to learn about and reflect on this person. This is especially crucial for staff workers and those that we don’t get to see on-screen; otherwise, we might never learn anything about them.

We hope that this title card serves as a reminder to Kurt Perez’s family and loved ones of how important he was to The Blacklist family and that they will remember him for as long as the show is on the air. This is a show that has done an excellent job of honoring those who have worked on it in some form throughout the years, and we expect that trend to continue.

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