Blue Bloods Season 12 Finale Recap – My Hat in the Ring for D.A – Is Erin a District Attorney candidate?

In the CBS’s crime drama Blue Bloods Season 12 Finale episode titled “Silver Linings”, Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) and Jamie (Will Estes) team up with their nephew Joe Hill (Will Hochman) to save a sex-trafficked girl. When Frank (Tom Selleck) and daughter Erin (Bridget Moynihan) disagree with the new DA’s office rule classifying armed robbery as a misdemeanor, more strife breaks out within the Reagan household. while Baez made a life-altering decision after questioning whether she was making a difference as a cop. this was a pretty spectacular finale for some of the women on the show. Let’s Start Blue Bloods Season 12 Episode 20 Recap Below. 

Eddie (Vanessa Ray) and her partner interrupt a robbery attempt. He tries to stab Eddie with a knife and claims ownership of the items. He is eventually apprehended by Eddie and her companion. Crawford, the Manhattan District Attorney, was losing the public’s support. She appears to have introduced new and somewhat radical bail rules that allow criminals to return to the streets within hours of committing a felony. Since then, the entire city has been coping with a crime wave. In a news conference, Frank (Tom Selleck) was asked about it, and as the police commissioner, he only had a few things to say. He claimed the reforms were in violation of the penal law. He implied that ADAs working under Crawford should follow the law rather than Crawford’s directive. After all, this was a press conference. Because his daughter Erin was an ADA, the press naturally inquired about her, and everyone expected Frank to make a wise remark, but all he did was excuse himself once it became too personal.

Erin (Bridget Moynahan), on the other hand, had been watching the news conference. She witnessed what her father said and did not say. She later stormed into his office, furious as hell. Erin chastised her father for declaring war on the District Attorney’s office. Something his own helper stated he did as well. Frank was the only one who didn’t see it that way. Crawford, Frank believes, should be replaced. Erin mistook him for someone else and informed him she couldn’t do the job. Frank stated that she is capable of doing it; she simply chooses not to. And Erin had nothing to say about it because she was confident she had expressed her views clearly. Crawford, Frank believes, should be replaced. Erin mistook him for someone else and informed him she couldn’t do the job. Frank stated that she is capable of doing it; she simply chooses not to. And Erin had nothing to say about it because she was confident she had expressed her views clearly. He believes she is terrified of winning and everything that comes with it.

Eddie’s partner is unconcerned about the situation. Their only responsibility is to conduct arrests. Eddie isn’t convinced. Crawford claims that Frank is powerless to force her to prosecute non-violent criminals. Thank heavens, Frank says, she can’t get his cops to stop arresting criminals. He wants Erin to be safe from the gunfire. Crawford believes Erin should take her job. Crawford believes it was all for show because neither of them changed their minds.

Danny receives a call from a woman who is supposed to be in Witness Protection. She is in danger since she returned to her mother. Jamie joins forces with Joe to conduct a raid. A woman flees and threatens to commit suicide. She claims to be looking for her daughter, who was abducted at the border. To find her daughter, she joined a gang. If she puts the pistol down, Jamie offers to help her find her daughter.  When Danny arrives, the witness is not answering her phone. When she opens the door to speak with him, her house explodes. Baez asks Danny if he’s all right in slow motion. When Danny arrives, the witness is not answering her phone. When she opens the door to speak with him, her house explodes.

Did Badge adopt the child in Blue Bloods Season 12 Finale?

Baez asks Danny if he’s all right in slow motion. Elena is no longer alive, a doctor tells Danny and Baez. They were, nevertheless, able to save her child. People like Munoz get out time and over, and now a baby has lost her mother, Baez believes they don’t make a difference. Danny claims that the baby is alive and that things would have been far worse if they had not attempted to help. They’ll take this SOB in and try to make the baby’s life better. The woman claims that a man named Carlo Sanchez forced her to declare her daughter was his at the border, then took her to NYC with a group of other girlfriends. Her name is called by a doctor. Joe inquires about Margot’s whereabouts. Jamie assures her that she is not insane and that he will search for her daughter. Joe is eager to assist.

Erin rants about Frank to Anthony. He considers her fortunate. Does she complain that her father is overly concerned? He departed when he was five years old. He never had family dinners and counted himself lucky if his mother wasn’t working at the time.

Sanchez claims he did not murder Isabella and had no idea who she was. He believes he may require legal assistance, but says he did not murder anyone. He was only instructed to throw the body away. He recognizes Solee and promises not to reveal who is trafficking the girls until a settlement is reached. Danny demands that you tell us where we can find Solee or there will be no deal. Sanchez claims to be at a meeting tomorrow night.

Crawford holds a press conference, claiming that Frank is out of touch and a broken windows expert. Frank, Abigail believes, should fire back. He claims that he has previously stated his position and that most New Yorkers agree with him. When Henry arrives, he requests to speak with Frank alone. He believes Frank should not be pressuring Erin to take the DA job. Erin pays a visit to Crawford. Crawford claims that it isn’t about him. She is annoyed because the Commissioner’s daughter works for her department. Erin claims she is not the Commissioner’s daughter when she is here. She is a law-abiding citizen. For the record, she believes Crawford’s directives will have tragic effects. When the same guy is battling someone else, he stabs her and is shot by Eddie’s colleague.

Jamie and Danny terrify Solee. Danny notices she’s dressed as a bomb. She claims that if she releases go, it will explode, but she is unable to do so. Jamie reminds her that he promised her mother that he would bring her home safely. Say something powerful for her. Danny claims he requires Bomb Squad’s assistance. Clear out, says the Bomb Squad. Nobody wants to go. Baez eventually leaves, but Joe stays behind to take care of the phone while Jamie and Danny speak with the Bomb Squad. While he separates the cables, Danny advises the girl to relax. Jamie works on keeping Solee calm as Danny works on the bomb. The explosives and the batteries are turned off. As Bomb Squad arrives, the cops detonate the bombs.

Erin visits Frank at his house. She’s the only one who isn’t a cop save Sean, and she hears them all open fire on the DA’s office. His department isn’t ideal either, but she keeps it to herself. Crawford no longer sees her as anything more than the Commissioner’s daughter. Next time, she wants a heads-up. She isn’t running for DA because she is frightened of losing, and Frank is to blame for raising her with three brothers. Eddie inquires about her companion. She claims that the shoot went well, that he had witnesses, and so on. The victim will be rescued. Her partner acknowledges that she was correct. Badillo is summoned to speak with IAB.

To reconcile them, Jamie summons Solee’s mother. Jamie appears to be moved. Eddie finally catches up to him.  Danny discovers Baez with the baby in the nursery. He claims he requested medical assistance since the event reminded him of another woman in a similar situation. He learned that no one in Elena’s family had adopted the child, except for Baez. She had no intention of having children, but after seeing her, she can’t stop thinking about her. If she ever needs anything, Danny is available.

Is Erin a District Attorney candidate in Blue Bloods Season 12 Finale Recap?

Anthony has arrived for the first time Sunday dinner with enough stuff to feed two families. Joe is also present. The ground guidelines are discussed. There will be no bad language or electronics, but kids will be able to discuss anything, including politics. Erin claims she asked Anthony partly because she wanted him to be present when she declared her candidacy for District Attorney. “Anthony, I didn’t just invite you for dinner just because we’re friends,” “I invited you also because I wanted you here when I told my family I’m throwing my hat in the ring for D.A.,” Joe inquires as to why she chose to run.  Erin told everyone that “I think that if I have your love and support, I’ll be unbeatable.” It’s now time to say, Grace. Frank lists many things for which he is grateful, beginning with everyone at this table.

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