[Penultimate Episode] The Big Leap Episode 10 “Swan Song” Preview – Release Date

Fear hinders many things, as Nick wisely pointed out in The Big Leap Season 1 Episode 9. Mike’s father passed away in 2015 due to sickness. He was in the kitchen organizing things as his family was in the room for his father’s funeral rites.  To discover more about the dancer’s dramedy series, The Big Leap eps- 9, read the recap below from www.tvacute.com, which will help you understand the episode better. What can we expect from the 10th episode? We’ll have to move on in order to see this. Remember, the end is near! There are just two more episodes.  The tenth episode, titled “Swan Song” promises to be more interesting. You can find a trailer for The Big Leap Episode 9 as well as a summary here.

The Big Leap Episode 11 Release Date

The Big Leap Episode 10 Recap

The Big Leap Episode 10 Spoilers

Is The Big Leap on Fox tonight? Yep! Take a glance into the future as well! The teaser below gives you a bit more information about what’s coming up, but it also reminds you that there are only two episodes left in this season. This will be the series’ penultimate episode. The title “Swan Song” is a touch ironic, because this isn’t the series’ swan song at all! There’s one more episode left, and what happens next will set the tone for the conclusion. More information can be found in the synopsis below:

The Big Leap Episode 10 Synopsis: With only two days to go until the big finale, the cast preps for their final performance. Nick must make the hard decision of following his brain or his heart, and Julia is stuck in a tough position when Kevin tries to win her back. Meanwhile, Justin and Simon try to navigate a new challenge in their relationship and Brittney works on standing up to her mom.

The Big Leap Episode 10 Cast

Cast: Scott Foley as Nick Blackburn; Simone Recasner as Gabby; Teri Polo as Julia; Ser’Darius Blain as Reggie Sadler; Piper Perabo as Paula; Ray Cham as Justin; Kevin Daniels as Wayne; Mallory Jansen as Monica; Jon Rudnitsky as Mike; Anna Grace Barlow as Brittney Lovewell

Guest Cast: Adam Kaplan as Simon; Tim Lyons as Alan; Seth Morris as Kevin; Karen Rodriguez as Raven; Jackie Seiden as Ally; Paula Hlava as Olivia; Maya Hlava as Sophia; Steve Han as Dante; Nicholas Caesar as Anthony; Brett Tucker as Linus; Sara Sevigny as Mindy; Donetta Jackson as Tamra; Blaire Brown as Henrietta; Emilie Modaff as Tech; Rachel Kim as Miriam; Teh’Ray Hale as DJ; Torrin Clifton as Ladon; Comfort Fedoke as Aja; Stanley Glover as Travell; Jeraldine M. Quiñones as Female Dancer #1 (Charlie); Brit Barrett as Male Dancer #1 (Leo); Luis Rosado as Junior; Elijah Delgado as Mario; Stephen Walker as Principal Weaver; Robert Wilson as Joel; Missi Pyle as Tonya; Thomas Lennon as Zach Peterman; Harlow Chatys as Pulver Dance Girl #1; Ckylee Pitchford as Pulver Dance Girl #2; Kendal Porter as Pulver Dance Girl #3; Sophia Sparks as Pulver Dance Girl #4; Madison Greene as Pulver Dance Girl #5; Avery Maycunich as Pulver Dance Girl #6; JJ Nolan as Annie Hines; Ben Wilson as French Dancer; Robert Wisdom as Earl Sr.; Lynn Baber as Barb; Mark Collins as Baltimore Reporter; Christopher Meister as ESPN Reporter; Matthew Kingler as Beat Reporter; Shivani Mendez as FOX Reporter; Andy Cameron as Uber Driver Phil

The Big Leap Season 1 Episode 10 Photos

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The Big Leap Season 1 Episode 10 Release Date

The Big Leap Episode 10 will release on November 29, 2021, at 9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT On FoxIt will also be released on the official site of CW Network. Another option is Available; DirecTV, Fubo TV, and YouTube TV. VOD platforms like Apple TV, iTunes.

The Big Leap Episode 9 Recap

Mike’s father passed away in 2015 due to sickness. He was in the kitchen organizing things as his family was in the room for his father’s funeral rites. His sister went to get him, chastising him for constantly being in denial and escaping death when people die, and they both missed their father’s death. Paula and Mike discuss Paula’s death while shopping. They go over her list of things she wants to do before she dies. He offers to help her with things he can, and he also says he’ll marry her. In the middle of the store, she proposes to him, and he accepts. Mike recalls that he is still married legally. Mike and Paula announce their engagement to Nick. Nick just has 24 hours to plan the wedding and hastily finalize Mike’s divorce. Nick notices her excitement about marrying Mike and assures her that it will be the finest day of her life. Monica’s ex-girlfriend Annie, a Broadway director, pays Monica a visit, and Monica requests that Justin audition for Annie’s production.

Julia goes out on an unofficial date with Linus to prepare for Paula’s bachelor celebration. They come to a halt at a fro-yo shop, where she notices Kevin, who hasn’t told her he’s returned. Nick transforms into a Bridezilla mum in order to plan the perfect wedding for Paula, and he requests Wayne as the officiant, but he declines. Paula wants Nick to officiate, which puts him in the middle of the show rather than behind it, something Nick doesn’t like. When it comes to selecting rings, Mike becomes emotional. For Paula’s bachelorette party, they hire a stripper. Julia is overcome with emotion when she realizes how tragic the situation is. Paula engages in conversation with everyone. Mike is having difficulties, but his buddies come to see him.

When they speak to him, he breaks down in tears. Nick makes every effort to get the wedding approved. After being denied, he makes a deal with someone to acquire the approval. Paige must be persuaded to sign the divorce papers by Nick. Nick performs the wedding ceremony, which is flawless. At the reception, Mike and Paula are treated to a dance party. Jessica is adamant about giving Gabby the video of Reggie kissing another woman. Julia erupts on Kevin when he arrives at the reception in his yogurt shirt. Just as Simon makes amends with Justin, Anna wants Justin to tour Europe with the performance for six months. Nick laments his inability to save Paula. Gabby informs Reggie of what has occurred and departs with Sam. Mike and Paula spend a romantic evening together.

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