Magnum P.I Season 4 Finale: Did Higgins tell Thomas about her feelings? Explained

Magnum P.I Season 4 Finale

‘Magnum P.I. Season 4 has wrapped up. We spent most of the episode tracking down Gordon and helping him save his kidnapped ex-wife. Beth is rescued but Gordon is indefinitely suspended without pay and will likely lose his badge. Suzy gave birth to a premature baby girl through a successful surgery. Everyone meets Baby Joy Frankie. But fans are curious to know if Higgins told Thomas about her feelings.  Did Higgins tell Thomas about her feelings? Did they kiss each other in the Magnum PI season 4 finale?

In the finale episode of ‘Magnum P.I. Season 4, Higgins thinks about her feelings for Thomas and advice from Dr. Ogawa before leaving Magnum in the morning to make peace. But it wasn’t until he saw Thomas’s ex-girlfriend, Lia, walk out of the bedroom. Then she didn’t do that. But, she made it clear at the end of the episode that she has feelings for him. She tried to deny them, but she realized she couldn’t do it anymore.  So, how did Thomas react? He acknowledged that he felt feelings as well. When and how did this happen! continue reading! In Magnum P.I. Season 4  Episode 20, Higgins leaves the maternity ward of the hospital after meeting Baby Joy Frankie.

Has CBS Canceled the Magnum Pi reboot?

Magnum PI Season 4 Finale Recap

 “Why did you go?” Magnum inquired. “I just suddenly got a bit overwhelmed,” Juliet said before admitting, “actually, I’m lying, I’m not alright. There is something else. When I came to talk to you today, it wasn’t about work. I wanted to tell you something, then I saw Lia there and couldn’t.”

“Now I know that nothing happened,” said Juliet, “and “I have to tell you because otherwise, it will only hurt me… I love you. I’ve tried to deny it, but I’m at a loss.” Am.” in.”  Slightly embarrassed way, Higgins said, “I bet this is doing wonders for your ego.”

Thomas countered “No, it’s not that,” He said, “I wanted to spend the day with you yesterday when you were in the wine cellar because I wanted to say the same thing. I have feelings for you.” I believe I have for a while, but I was unaware of it.”

Thomas then said, “I’d hate to lose our friendship!” thing.

Juliet replied “Of course, I have my reservations…,” “So do I, yeah,” nodded Thomas.

Higgins said, “I don’t want to risk losing our friendship, our cooperation,”. “Maybe we shouldn’t go.” Magnum concurred, “We probably shouldn’t.” Then Thomas dragged Juliet into a long, sensual kiss. Season 4 ended.

 Will this all continue in Magnum PI Season 5?

The fifth season has not been announced yet. If we get Magnum P.I season 5, it won’t necessarily continue. So the show will suffer a lot. Maybe Higgins and Thomas’s liplock is an illusion. It’s just a dream. It will be known after the arrival of season five.

Magnum P.I Season 5 hints come from Jay Hernandez as he has stated that any “Miggy” hook-ups will happen “after the end of the show”. Not just the season finale, but the death of the entire show. So I don’t believe it will happen anytime soon. I believe the tension and dynamic between Higgins and Magnum is an important part of making the program work, and if they become a romance, the show suffers a lot.”

Will there be a Magnum PI Season 5?

Magnum’s Season 4 rating of “OK” is ninth in viewership and tenth out of 14 dramas this season on CBS. However, as series creator Jay Hernandez recently said in reference to receiving “We Are Great” Season 5. “I believe you can count on it.”

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