Is Mihawk more powerful than Shanks in One Piece? [Mihawk vs Shanks]

Is Mihawk more powerful than Shanks in One Piece? [Mihawk vs Shanks]

Two of the One Piece universe’s most potent characters are Shanks and Mihawk. These two characters are well-known for being great combatants and have a long history together. They frequently dueled one another during the Great Pirate Era, and their fights were legendary. As a result, they became well-known adversaries who were well-known to even more famous figures like Whitebeard. Unfortunately, after Shanks lost his left arm, the competition was over. He has since grown more powerful, though, and now holds the title of Yonko. On the other side, In the past, Mihawk was referred to as the “Marine Hunter” and was thought to be Shanks, one of the Four Emperorsrival. ,’s He lived on Kuraigana Island, where he also acted as Roronoa Zoro’s instructor for swordsmanship during the two-year time skip.  Here’s a explained Who is Stronger: Shanks vs Mihawk:

Mihawk eventually rose to become one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea. He is currently a sought-after pirate and a part of Buggy’s group, the Cross Guild, as a result of the most recent Reverie. Fans were given some additional information on the fabled Hawk Eyes in One Piece 1058. His swordsmanship was complimented in the chapter as being superior to Shanks’. This brings up the issue of who is the power of the two once more.

Is Mihawk more powerful than Shanks in One Piece? [Mihawk vs Shanks]

Shanks and Mihawk are two extremely strong pirates who have established a solid reputation for themselves. In the One Piece universe, they are both revered as legendary figures that are feared all throughout the world. Both have big bounties. One Piece 957, “Ultimate,” revealed Shanks’ bounty of 4,048,900,000 berries. Shanks is a great combatant but not reckless. Fans know wildness increases a person’s bounty, but not for Shanks. Mihawk’s bounty is 3,590,000,000 berries. This is near to the figure on Shanks’ head, although it may mean they’re not as dangerous. Fans realize that bounties don’t indicate strength. A lower bounty doesn’t make Mihawk weaker.

Does Mihawk’s swordsmanship make him stronger than red-haired Yonko?

One Piece chapter 1059

It goes without saying that Mihawk, who bears the title of “World’s Greatest Swordsman,” has greater swordsmanship prowess than Shanks. In One Piece Chapter1058, where he was expressly likened to Shanks, this was once more brought up. Brannew claims that Mihawk’s swordsmanship abilities rival those of red-haired Shanks. Therefore, Mihawk is unquestionably superior just in terms of swordsmanship. That in no way implies that Mihawk is more powerful than Shanks, though. After all, Mihawk is a master of the art of swordsmanship. So far in One Piece, Shanks’ combat style has not been seen. One of the few characters in One Piece who is acknowledged to carry a black blade is Mihawk. The Wano Country storyline revealed to the fans that the imbuement of Armament Haki can cause blades to turn permanently black over time. According to Tenguyama Hitetsu, this improves the rank of the blade and strengthens it. Despite being a skilled swordsman himself, Shanks hasn’t yet permanently darkened his blade.

Shanks in One Piece

One of the rare individuals who can employ all three varieties of Haki is Shanks. He is a great master of the Haki of Armor, and he used it to repel an assault from the Rogia fruit user Akainu during the battle for supremacy. Shanks’ potent Conqueror’s Haki is his greatest asset. Oda has repeatedly hinted at this amazing power of his. This power of his was evident when he boarded Whitebeard’s ship, and both Whitebeard and people like Jozu admired it. In Marineford, Shanks was able to intimidate everyone, and if One Piece: Film Red is any indication, his Conqueror’s Haki knocked out a Vice Admiral of the Navy while frightening two Admirals simultaneously. Most notably, Shanks was observed to be able to aim his Conqueror’s Haki at someone while standing a long way away. It’s obvious that Shanks possesses abilities unrelated to swordsmanship. Shanks develops a very unique fighting technique by using his sword to channel Conqueror’s Haki from a vast distance or by doing things like preventing his opponents from using Observation Haki. Shanks isn’t necessarily a swordsman because his fighting technique is just too varied, despite the fact that he does carry a sword and occasionally wield it in battle.

As a result, Mihawk may be stronger than Yonko Shanks but yet inferior to him in terms of swordplay. According to the portrayal, their positions of power are comparable, but Shanks probably has an advantage over his former competitor. While Shanks and Mihawk are undoubtedly done fighting, Oda will eventually fully explore each of these fighters’ unique talents. At some point, Mihawk Google will undoubtedly face Zoro and fight him fiercely. Shanks and Luffy will also inevitably run into one other at some point. Although the strength gap between Shanks and Mihawk is still anticipated to be smaller than usual, Shanks is still anticipated to be stronger.

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