One Piece Chapter 1060 “Luffy’s Dream” Will Jewelry Bonney Be Popular?

Jewelry Bonney was saved from drowning in One Piece Chapter 1060, “Luffy’s Dream.” This suggests she’ll be important to their next narrative. If so, she could become a fan favorite. She’s from the Worst Generation, which is something to remember. Since the Straw Hats’ arrival in the New World, these 12 pirates have grown to be pivotal figures in the narrative. Even the top competitors to uncover One Piece are some of the larger members of this group. At least one of Bonney’s peers should be able to compare with her in terms of character potential. It’s necessary to think about how everyone else has done in this regard in order to determine how popular she could end up being.

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Luffy and Zoro are at the very top of the totem pole. They have by far the most character development in the narrative as part of the main cast; the other members of the Worst Generation can’t even come close. Bonney is unlikely to ever achieve their degree of fame, even if she were to somehow turn into a Straw Hat herself. Trafalgar Law has a better supporting cast than Worst Generation. Since the Straw Hats entered the New World, his personality, past, and character arc have been widely explored. At his peak, he appeared on items alongside Luffy, Ace, and Chopper.

In a perfect world, the Worst Generation would achieve this by the end of the series. There are a few more members of the Worst Generation immediately below Law who might challenge him for popularity. Although he received some character in Wano, Eustass Kid has been portrayed as someone who can compete with characters like Law and Luffy. However, his best work is likely yet to come. Long established as one of Luffy’s greatest foes, Blackbeard is poised to utterly eclipse both Kid and Law by the end of the story thanks to his fame.

The killer might also gain popularity because of his relationship with Kid, though not necessarily to the same extent as his captain. The bar that has been set for these characters is high, but they can all rise even higher. Generation One Piece at its worst Capone Bege would be a mid-level character in the Worst Generation. He may have had a significant impact on the events of the Whole Cake Island arc, but his legacy was limited to this. He doesn’t seem like the kind of character who would compete with Luffy in the hunt for One Piece the way that Kid, Law, or Blackbeard do. It’s also difficult to envision him returning to the plot in a significant way. He might be well-liked by some followers, but it’s unlikely that he will win over many new followers. There are people like Basil Hawkins, Scratchmen Apoo, and X Drake underneath Bege. To support liars like these three, particularly Apoo and Hawkins, is undoubtedly difficult.

Drake is still a member of the enigmatic SWORD, so he should eventually get more opportunities to show himself. He is, however, still respectable enough in his principles and convictions to maybe win some respect. However, these characters haven’t yet contributed to the plot in a positive enough way to earn a fanbase. As for Bonney, she’s been largely remaining anonymous. She has spent most of her time in the series so far responding to other Worst Generation members’ actions. She is likely intended to properly demonstrate her capabilities in this future storyline. If Bonney plays a significant part in the upcoming arc, she might wind up being as popular as Kid or Bege, or even more popular than Killer. It all relies on how she will fit into the overall plot arc and how much of an impact she will have on the future of the narrative. She might serve as a series representative or just be another character the Straw Hats met while traveling. Alternately, Mad Monk Uroge can appear as a surpristravelingl the show.

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