Actress Charlbi Dean, from “Black Lightning,” died at age 32

Actress Charlbi Dean, from

Charlbi Dean, a model, and actress from South Africa, passed away. She was born on February 5, 1990. Her parents, Johan and Joanne Kriek, as well as her brother Alexi Jacobs Kriek survive the late actress. Additionally, Charlbi leaves behind their dog Kanicki Deathbat Dean and her fiancé Luke Chase Volker. Just 4 months before her terrible demise, the late actress and Luke Chase Volker were engaged. They exchanged vows in Manhattan, New York.

The Post was informed on Tuesday by sources close to the actress who played Syonide in the CW television series “Black Lightning” that Dean passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. She passed away in a hospital in New York City, they added, without providing any other information.

Blood in the Water, Don’t Sleep, “An Interview with God,” and “Porthole” are just a few of the films Dean has acted in. Her debut acting appearance was in the 2010 movie “Spud,” which also starred Troye Sivan and John Cleese. A 2017 installment of the CBS program “Elementary” included her as well. Regarding her modeling career, Dean had appeared in images for British Vogue, Tatler, GQ, and Cosmopolitan.

In “Triangle of Sadness,” Dean recently got the biggest part of her acting career opposite Woody Harrelson. Although the movie hasn’t yet been released in theatres, it created a significant impression at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival, winning the Palme d’Or. Variety reports that the movie will premiere on October 8.

Dean and her then-boyfriend, a fellow model named Ashton Schnehage, escaped a near-fatal vehicle accident in 2009. According to Cape Town Etc, the woman had a collapsed lung, fractured two vertebrae, and broke her wrist, four ribs, and an elbow. Dean displayed her “signature” belly scar, which was the result of life-saving surgery following the accident, in a fashion show for Ami Alexandre Mattiussi.

Alex, Charlbi’s brother, posted a tearjerking poem in memory of the actress who passed away. The poet introduced his piece on Instagram with the statement, “I was unsure when writing this poem who it would be about but life has answered my question in the most cruel way.”

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