“Industry” Season 2 Episode 6: Yas deals with a Transition

Industry’s second season was designed to focus less on Pierpoint’s workplace. This episode took us farthest from Pierpoint’s trading floors and offices. This week’s concert blends humour, uneasiness, destruction, and sex. Harper, Yas (Marisa Abela), and Robert (Harry Lawtey) spiral out of the office and into family history. Harper believes her brother will like her new job. Yasmin Yazdani (Marisa Abela) is delighted to live in Europe, and Robert can’t wait to impress his father. Each realizes that the meetings were pointless. (Read the recap here) Do you now have a tremendous curiosity to watch “Industry” Season 2 Episode 6 to find out what happens? Here (www.tvacute.com) is all you need to know before watching Episode 6 of Industry” Season 2!

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“Industry” Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

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“Industry” Season 2 Episode 6 Spoilers

“Kitchen Season” is the title of the upcoming episode of Industry Season 2.  We have met Harper’s brother, will we ever be able to meet Harper’s mother? She moved to AWOL some time ago and is concerned that their working relationship with Bloom will develop. Gus’ feelings are compounded by what Auror proposes to Gus. In the next episode, Yasmin experiences some growing pains. As Yas enters his past, She learns the truth about her father which must be hard to believe. According to the synopsis: She deals with a transition.

“Industry” Season 2 Episode 6 Synopsis:  A recently AWOL Harper fears a changing work relationship with Bloom; Gus grows conflicted about Aurore’s job offer; Yasmin deals with a transition.

“Industry” Season 2 Episode 6 Release Date

Industry Season 2 Episode 6 will debut On Monday, September 5,  on HBO and HBO Max.  The Season 2 finale is anticipated to air on Monday, September 19, 2022, because the second season will feature eight episodes, much like the first.

Industry Season 2 Episode 5 Recap

Harper meets Eric to replace an Equity employee in Berlin. Aurore wants to take Gus with her to national politics. Rob’s old mentor Clement Cowan has died and left certain things in his will. Because of the funeral, ob won’t attend the Oxford event. Venetia, the recent Oxford graduate at Yasmin’s desk, is traveling with Robert. Read the full recap here.

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