In Umbrella Academy Season 3: Is Viktor Hargreeves still alive?

Viktor aka no 6

The time-traveling adopted sibling superheroes are brought back to the present in the third season of the fictional show Umbrella Academy, where they discover that preventing the apocalypse might have had unintended consequences. Their problems were made worse by difficulties and conflicts with the rival Sparrow Academy as well as the existence of a horrible, destructive new entity that they may have brought about.

The third season of “The Umbrella Academy” is a massacre for viewers as a number of key characters perishes almost every episode. Because of all the unexpected turns it takes, we have to cross our fingers that our favorite characters survive and return in the fourth season. Particularly when it appears that Luther and Klaus have perished, the show pulls some powerful punches. Diego and Five also had near-death experiences, with one losing an arm and the other two fingers. We fear that something awful will happen to Alison and Viktor now that they are the sole survivors, especially given the enmity that grows between the characters. We can give you a definitive response to your question about whether Viktor survives the season’s finish.  

Is Viktor Hargreeves still alive?

In season 3 of “The Umbrella Academy,” Viktor does not pass away. If anything, Viktor shows a significant storyline that profoundly alters his personality. In season 2 of this season, Viktor, formerly known as Vanya, comes out as transgender. Viktor finally lets go of a piece of himself that he had been storing inside a box all this time as a result of entering the new timeline and the sadness of abandoning Sissy and Harlan in the 1960s. He admits to Alison that he no longer desired to be in that box. Viktor’s transformation is accompanied by a rise in self-assurance. We witness him assuming leadership, particularly when he confronts Marcus and essentially threatens him into turning up Five’s briefcase that was left at the Academy. Now that he has more control over his abilities, Viktor is also more self-assured in his decisions. He seeks to save Harlan after learning that he was the one who accidentally killed their mothers and created the grandfather paradox for the Umbrella Academy. He is aware that his siblings won’t be kind to him. They will undoubtedly turn him over to the Sparrows, who already want his head on a pike, even if they don’t kill him personally.

This choice causes a significant divide between him and Alison, who ends up killing Harlan in order for the Sparrow Academy and the Umbrella to work together to save the planet and maybe reset the timeline so that she can return to her daughter and husband. Viktor, however, remains with his family in difficult times despite all of their conflicts, arguments, and betrayals. When Reginald Hargreeves kills Luther, he joins them in their mission to save the world. When it comes to taking down the samurais within the replica of Hotel Obsidian, his abilities come in particularly handy. When Reginald starts the machine that changes the chronology using Viktor and six other people, things get complicated for him. Just in time for her brothers to have their life energy drained from their bodies, Alison murders the old man. She also moves to reset the timeline after that, though. In the climactic moment, Viktor and his brothers exit the Hotel Obsidian’s elevator and enter the new timeline. He doesn’t appear to have any special abilities in this realm, but he is unquestionably alive and well.

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