Obi-Wan Kenobi Episode 6 [Finale] Recap Ending Explained!

obi-wan kenobi episode 6 recap-

Obi-Wan Kenobi finale eps 6 opens with Obi-Wan and the Path refugees making their way to Tessen, Vader pursues them at the start of the episode. Obi-Wan comes up with a scheme right away to divert Vader and rescue Leia to safety. Obi-Wan departs for a nearby planet to buy some extra time, and the Sith inevitably follows.

Reva searching for Owen while we are still on Tatooine. She arrived before Obi-Wan and the others for whatever reason, and she is also now fully empowered. How did that come about? How did she survive her injuries long enough to arrive here? Luke, though, is what she really wants to discover in this situation. While Vader and the star destroyer keep firing their blasters nonstop, Obi-Wan and the other rebels try to hold out. In spite of his fear, Obi-Wan tells Leia that he will try to buy Roken and the others some time by diverting Vader’s attention. Leia is given the responsibility of returning home by Haja, and he bids the princess farewell before departing to face Vader once more. Obi-Wan hops into a dropship that Roken has set up and takes off. Vader, who is blinded by hatred, orders them to follow Obi-Wan, contrary to the Grand Inquisitor’s opinion that they should continue pursuing the rebels. Vader prepares his ship in order to fight Obi-Wan alone on this planet while the blaster fire is faltering and Obi-Wan is traveling for an uninhabited planet. It appears that Obi-Wan is in possession of Lola. Why? Evidently, it’s to stop him from feeling so afraid.

Obi-Wan and Vader engage in combat on the planet’s surface. Obi-Wan isn’t fleeing this time. But Vader prevails, killing Obi-Wan and burying him beneath a mountain of rocks. Vader takes off. Obi-Wan approaches Vader while using rocks he has on hand to kill his former student, using the strength of Leia’s memory to produce a shockwave to blast the rocks off of him. This time, Anakin is defeated by Obi-Wan, who knocks him to the ground and causes sparks to shoot from his helmet. In fact, he manages to rip it open and observe Anakin inside. When Obi-Wan sees his former student, his heart breaks. Anakin has left. I am all that is left. Vader utters. Eventually, Obi-Wan departs, leaving Vader on the planet alone and the Star Destroyer unexpectedly not firing or pursuing Obi-ship. Wan’s Lucky for you!

After Luke is hidden by Owen on his farm in Tatooine, Reva breaks through the fence. Owen pulls out his gun and begins shooting at Reva as she approaches with her shattered lightsaber. While Luke is inside the house, Owen defends him by attempting to block Reva’s lightsaber with a piece of metal. Without a doubt, it fails! What do you desire? Asks Owen “Justice.” The killer claims. Reva finally pursues Luke as her lightsaber is flashing an angry crimson as she becomes blinded by hate, rage, and pain.

Will Reva die at the end of Obi-Wan Kenobi's story?

Fresh off his triumph over Vader, Obi-Wan travels to Tatooine where Reva has knocked out Luke and is prepared to kill him. Prior to doing so, she realizes that she is purely evil after placing herself in Luke’s shoes. Obi-Wan is present as Reva transfers an unconscious Luke to Owen. Reva is crying this time as she falls to her knees in front of Obi-Wan. I was unable to do it. She adds with tears in her eyes, seemingly lamenting that she was unable to use a lightsaber to murder a young boy.   With her eyes stained with tears, the murderer asks. Obi-Wan responds, “No,” recalling how cruelly she severed an elderly woman’s hand, hunted Jedi, hanged a Jedi in front of everyone, killed and murdered both children and adults, tormented Leia, and nearly killed Luke. You’ve decided not to. You now have the choice of who you become.

Obi-Wan picks Reva up when she drops her lightsaber and tells her she is now free. He then turns around and leaves Reva on her own. Vader, meanwhile, returns to Mustafar and tells the Emperor that he will search every system for Obi-Wan. The Emperor doubts his ability to think rationally. Leia returns to Alderaan after some time has passed, this time carrying the blaster holster that Obi-Wan gave her, which serves as a reminder of Tala’s sacrifice in episode 5. As Obi-Wan lands and acknowledges that Leia is the one who saved him, Leia makes the decision that she wants to alter some aspects of the current system.

He praises her endlessly before admonishing Leia not to tell anybody about him if she ever needs to contact him again. Then, he leaves. Luke, how are you? Obi-Wan makes the decision to leave the cave and travel to Owen’s farm on horseback. After greeting Luke with his characteristic “Hello there,” Obi-Wan concludes that Owen and Beru are the only forms of defense Luke needs and makes the decision to go. After giving the toy plane to Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan fes off and spots the force ghost of Qui-Gon in the desert. As they leave Luke undefended, he urges Obi-Wan to follow.

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