In The Umbrella Academy Season 3, Is Viktor a trans man?

Viktor a.k.a. Number Seven

The tale of a group of individuals with superpowers that also have an enigmatic background is told in “The Umbrella Academy.” These individuals were born under unusual circumstances. The Netflix series, which is based on the same-named graphic novel, shot to fame as soon as it debuted. It was hailed for its surreal plot turns and a novel approach to the superhero and time travel subgenres. The audience connected with the characters more than the plot’s turns and turns. Every character in the show focuses on the complex family relationships and the problem of being accepted or rejected by them.

While every person of the Umbrella Academy feels estranged in their broken family, Seven is the most uncomfortable. They are reunited with their siblings over the course of the first two seasons, during which time some of them form close relationships with them. But they really start to come into their own in the third season. hen Diego addresses them as Vanya in the 2nd episode of Season 3, they correct him and say that they prefer to be called Viktor because it is who they have always been. How does this affect the character, exactly? What you need to understand about Viktor Hargreeves is as follows.

The Umbrella Academy Season 3 Viktor: Is he a trans man?

In “The Umbrella Academy,” Viktor is a transgender man. Actor Elliot Page’s actual coming out as a trans guy preceded the on-screen transition. In December 2020, the actor who plays the show’s super-strong, apocalypse-causing superhero announced their transition to the world in an Instagram post.

For Elliot Page’s character, who had been repressed and kept back from the outset, this change represents a significant advancement. After writing a book on their life experiences and divulging the secrets of the school, Seven (then known as Vanya) in the first season of the show was cut off by the other members of the Umbrella Academy. The trio eventually travels back in time to the 1960s as a result of Seven starting the apocalypse and being shunned by the family.

Vanya creates a new life for themself after opening up a new timeline with no memory of the past. When they first meet Sissy, they fall in love. They experience complete acceptance and affection with her. Their prior relationships had been, to put it mildly, problematic, whether it was with their family or their partner who turned out to be a psychopath. Before and after the truth about their talents was revealed, they consistently felt criticized and there was a serious lack of knowledge on everyone’s behalf. They felt cherished and were able to recognize their true selves when they were with Sissy.

The Umbrella Academy travels back into the time after once more stopping the end of the world in the second season. Knowing that she will never see Sissy again, Vanya is compelled to leave her behind. Vanya recognizes that it is time to leave the box they have been dwelling in their entire life, despite being sorry about losing the love of their life. They are courageous enough to tell their family about their situation and feel liberated enough to embrace it. They alter their name to Viktor and obtain a haircut. Even though they may appear to be tiny milestones, the character’s tale has advanced significantly as a result of these actions.

As he grows more at ease with himself, Viktor gains confidence and even decides to take charge of the group when it appears that no one is up to the task. Viktor’s disclosure is favorably welcomed, despite some others finding it odd. His happiness is increased by the love and support he receives from his entire family. Viktor had always sought acceptance from the family and a position of his own among them, and in the end, he had achieved that.

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