In House of the Dragon, is Mysaria alive or dead?

House of the Dragon Episode 9 recap- Sonoya-

The subplot featuring Mysaria (Sonoya Mizuno), a person from the underworld also known as the White Worm, raises the question of how much Alicent knew and when she became aware of it. Immediately before a scene in which Alicent tends to the frail Viserys on his deathbed and offers him tea, we saw Alicent’s lady-in-waiting visiting Mysaria in episode eight. The same maid had previously served her an abortifacient to a girl who had been sexually raped by Aegon, as seen earlier in the episode. Therefore, Alicent’s maid is aware of where to purchase illegal potions and has contact with Mysaria, a superspy from King’s Landing. House of the Dragon Episode 9 featured Mysaria, a neglected figure, who hides a wandering Prince Aegon and sells his whereabouts to Otto Hightower. Larys Strong, who is always perceptive, learns about her and her network and resolves, with the queen’s approval, to take her out. Here is all the information you require regarding Mysaria’s death in House of the Dragon.

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What happens to Mysaria in House of the Dragon Episode 9?

Hotd Episode 9, featured Beesbury accusing the other council members of planning to poison Viserys. Viserys may have easily passed away naturally, but it appears that Alicent’s maid is working for someone who wanted Viserys dead; Mysaria may or may not be aware of this person. But additional incidents in this episode raise doubts about everything. One of them is that Mysaria sets up a meeting when she learns Otto is looking for Aegon, even though the two appear to have never met before. In this encounter, Mysaria bargains with Otto for the transfer of Aegon in exchange for the release of an enclave of orphans. However, Larys Strong (Matthew Needham), has Alicent take off her stockings all the way to her bare feet while saying that he has some choice information for her. The revelation by Larys to Alicent that her maid is employed by Mysaria is puzzlingly anticlimactic. he makes no mention of any potential involvement on her part in Viserys’s demise. Alicent is once more astounded by the intrigue in this palace, but she fails to make any connections between Mysaria, her maid, and Viserys’s demise. She chooses to let Larys handle things his way instead. Later, we witness Mysaria’s posh downtown location, which served as her spy command center disguised as a brothel.

In House of the Dragon, is Mysaria still alive?

Despite the burning building near the end of episode 9, Mysaria is still alive and will play a significant part in the Dance of Dragons. The White Worm eventually sides with the black people and aids Daemon in exacting revenge when his family is wronged in the George R.R. Martin novel on which the television series is based. Rhaenyra and Daemon will value her King’s Landing connections when they attempt to usurp the crown. She must have known that keeping Prince Aegon hidden and attracting the Hand of the King’s attention could result in an assassination attempt, which is how she managed to live. This time, Mysaria outwitted Larys, and maybe there will be more chances for them to spar in the future episodes of the show because both have established themselves as formidable adversaries.

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