Who is Mysaria, a.k.a the White Worm, in House of the Dragon?

mysaria house of the dragon

Mysaria, who is one of the most powerful persons in Westeros despite not being a Targaryen, a noble, or a brilliant warrior, is one of the more intriguing characters in the epic book House of the Dragon. Mysaria, with her network of spies and informers, is a real example of the proverb “information is power.” Mysaria, sometimes known as the White Worm, is who? Where did she originate? What is her vision? How will she fare during the Dance of the Dragons? We (tvacute.com) have talked to our own sources to offer you all the information you require about this aspiring spymaster.

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Who is Mysaria, a.k.a the White Worm: The early years of the White Worm

Mysaria was born in Lys, Essos, where she was raised as a slave and dancer before becoming the White Worm. She was eventually transported across the Narrow Sea, where she started working as a prostitute on the Street of Silk in King’s Landing. She soon fell in love with Daemon Targaryen (Matt Smith) and rose to the top of his favorite list after they first met. Mysaria (Sonoya Mizuno) is initially introduced to us in the first episode of House of the Dragon. When Viserys and the council chastise Daemon for the Goldcloak’s rampage through Flea Bottom, he comes to her for solace. When Prince Baelon passes away, Mysaria later celebrates with Daemon and the Goldcloaks, cementing her lover’s position as Viserys’ heir. When Viserys learns that Daemon had referred to Baelon as the “Heir for a Day,” he banishes his brother and takes Mysaria to Dragonstone.

mysaria house of the dragon

However, Lady Mysaria eventually gets tired of being a pawn in Daemon’s games. After he tells Otto Hightower he intends to marry her, she makes the decision to leave him out of fear that she might be killed if he pushes his luck any further. Years later, Mysaria, now known as the “White Worm,” is in charge of a spy network in King’s Landing. High nobility like Otto Hightower frequently collaborate with her, and her informants’ reach extends as far as the King’s court, giving her tremendous power. But Mysaria doesn’t abuse her powers for personal gain. In exchange for her assistance in finding Prince Aegon after his father’s passing, she requests that the capital’s child combat rings be disbanded.

The White Worm: Why is it called that?

Mysaria is referred to by her adversaries in the George R.R. Martin canon as “Lady Misery, the White Worm.” She has unusually milky-white Valyrian skin, which appears to be where the white worm aspect comes from. Otto Hightower probably merely used the code name “White Worm” as a cover since Mysaria’s look has been altered slightly for the TV series. Or it can be a reference to her proclivity for donning white robes. In any event, Lady Mysaria is expected to have a significant impact on the upcoming hostilities. She is exceptionally skilled in the arts of espionage and sabotage, as demonstrated by her time spent working for Otto. Otto has been sacked and is no longer on the board, thus someone else must step up and utilise Mysaria’s skills.

Will Mysaria a.k.a The White Worm dead in the Dragon Dance

As the Mistress of Whispers for Daemon and Rhaenyra, the White Worm will play a key part in the Dance of the Dragons. Mysaria will permit Blood and Cheese to enter the Red Keep in order to murder Jaehaerys Targaryen. Mysaria’s brutality will earn her a terrifying reputation. According to at least one tale, the White Worm will counsel the queen to take Alicent and her daughter Helaena Targaryen to a brothel so they will be impregnated with bastards, destroying the women’s reputations, when Rhaeynra conquer King’s Landing.

This may or may not occur in the show because it is probably a little too violent, but it gives you an idea of how bad the White Worm’s reputation really was. In addition, Mysaria will interfere with Rhaenyra and Daemon’s romance and contribute to Helaena’s demise. Mysaria’s luck will eventually run out when the common people rise up and overthrow Rhaenyra’s power. Mysaria will remain behind when the queen leaves, where she will be captured by Trystane Truefyre’s supporters. They lash Mysaria and force her to walk naked across the city, promising to release her if she makes it to the city gates. Sadly, Mysaria passes away from her wounds before gaining her freedom.

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