Why Queen Alicent Shows her feet to Larys Strong? Explained!

Why Queen Alicent Shows her feet to Larys Strong? Explained!

House of the Dragon‘s treatment of sex has been purposefully considerably more subdued in its first season. It’s still there, just less prominent and generally at a pivotal moment in the story. However, there’s a bit of a sexual curveball in “The Green Council,” the season’s penultimate episode: The plotter Larys Strong  (Matthew Needham) meets with Queen Alicent (Olivia Cooke) in her apartments after King Viserys’s death and in the midst of a spectacular conspiracy to make Prince Aegon king over the crown princess Rhaenyra. They discuss the quickly altering power dynamics. Alicent sits across from Larys and takes off her shoes as he speaks. The woman had been up all day planning! She is weary. Then, as Larys watches Alicent remove her stockings and expose her naked feet to him, something strangely familiar happens. Larys moves slowly away as his gaze turns lewd and he goes under his robes to touch himself. For a detailed explanation of is, Why Alicent Shows her feet to Larys Strong?? continue reading at tvacute.com. House of the Dragon season 1, episode 9, “The Green Council,” contains spoilers.

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Is Larys Strong’s Foot Fetish?

Larys Strong in House of the Dragon had a foot fetish that probably originated from his preoccupation with untwisted feet because Larys was born with a clubfoot.  Alicent Hightower and Larys Strong have been working together since House of the Dragon episode 5 when he notified her of Rhaenyra ingesting moon tea, with Larys continually manipulating Alicent into giving him a hazardous degree of power. While their connection began with Larys executing horrific actions for Alicent and passing her information in order to increase his position in King’s Landing. Larys Strong expresses a sexual desire for Queen Alicent’s feet in House of the Dragon episode 9, which elevates the nature of their alliance to another level as Larys, who wears a firefly sign, discloses his sexual foot obsession. In this way, the Larys Clubfoot-like character simply needs to exchange knowledge, crimes, and secrets for his pleasures, and he is confident that Alicent won’t reveal anything to anybody due to her own shame.

Why Does Alicent Allow Larys to Masturbate Her to Her Feet?

In House of the Dragon, Alicent Hightower uses the patriarchal system that imprisons her to her advantage, but she doesn’t fight it. she looks away and cries because she’s ashamed of letting Larys mistreat her. Alicent regrets that this is the only way she can achieve her ambitions as a woman in authority in a patriarchal culture, and she needs Larys’ expertise and ability to outwit her father, the Hand of King Otto Hightower (Rhys Ifans). Alicent has promoted Larys Strong to Lord Confessor and Master of Whisperers, as far as she can go; she is the only one left to trade him for.

Alicent probably consented to Larys using her for his sexual fixations as long as she didn’t actually have to touch or have sex with him since House of the Dragon implies that it’s still degrading to her. Although Alicent believes that all she is doing is taking off her socks, the true consequences of their agreement are justified as a necessary evil in order to get crucial information and safeguard her children. Sex has never been an act of passion, desire, empowerment, or love in Alicent’s eyes; it has always been a chore or a means to an end.

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