A Terrorist Planning an Attack in Tonight! FBI Season 4 Episode 8

FBI Season 4 Episode 8 Photos

A masked goon kidnaps a young girl, Lucia Diaz, in childcare in FBI Season 4 Episode 7. And the kidnapping case was handed over to the team. Maggie talked to her sister, Erin, who had returned to her life but had a drinking problem. Erin has taken an overdose of Fentanyl. And he was saved. Continue reading about the episode 7 recap by scrolling down the page. What will happen next?  www.tvacute.com has a promo and exclusive photos for FBI Season 4 Episode 8  below. As a result, you’ll be able to mentally prepare yourself for the next episode.

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After the long hiatus, CBS’s FBI returns with season four episode eight, titled ‘Fire and Rain,’ in which the squad is tasked with tracking down the leader of a terrorist organization. Meanwhile, Scola is reminded of his brother’s murder on September 11, 2001. Talk about Sisters, We also don’t know how Bell will perform in her future missions, given the fact that her sister is currently battling mental illness. The episode is directed by Sharat Raju and based on a script by Rick Eid.

FBI  Episode 408 Synopsis:– A widow is shocked that her new “boyfriend” is the manipulative leader of a terrorist group planning an attack; Scola is reminded of his brother’s death on 9/11; Tiffany worries about his emotional choices during the investigation.

FBI Season 4 Episode 8 Release Date

FBI Season 4 Episode 8 will release on CBS on December 7, 2021, at 8 p.m. ET.  The show will air on CBS and will be streamed live and on-demand on the CBS app as well as on Paramount+. Google PlayYoutubeTV, DirecTV, Vudu, FuboTV, Microsoft Store, iTunes, Xfinity, and Spectrum are among the paid live-streaming and VOD alternatives available.

FBI Season 4 Episode 8 Cast

REGULAR CAST: Missy Peregrym (Special Agent Maggie Bell) Zeeko Zaki (Special Agent Omar Adom ‘OA’ Zidan) Jeremy Sisto (Assistant Special Agent in Charge Jubal Valentine) Alana De La Garza (Special Agent in Charge Isobel Castille) John Boyd (Special Agent Stuart Scola) Katherine Renee Turner (Special Agent Tiffany Wallace) 

FBI Season 4 Episode 8 Photos

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FBI Season 4 Episode 7 Recap

Lucia Diaz (Ava Wrubel), a young girl, was abducted from a daycare facility by a masked guy. The FBI is dispatched to the scene, and the first person they speak with is Lucia’s mother, Jenny, who appears to be completely unaware of the kidnapping. She mysteriously vanishes without a trace, and a comprehensive background check later reveals that she threatened and stole $100,000 from her previous employer. Wallace and Scola eventually track her down and apprehend her. She admits that her husband makes money selling drugs, but that he owes a dealer $80,000 and that they don’t have the funds to repay him. As a result, she had no choice but to steal. Hugo, her husband, is on his way to save their daughter from the dealer, who has stolen her. Before the descent, Wallace and Scola find him and hear that Ricky Moreno has kidnapped his daughter.

Meanwhile, Bell is concerned when she discovers that her sister has been spending time with an unknown person. Hugo’s phone gets wiretapped for monitoring as he prepares to drop. Things start to go wrong when Ricky shoots Hugo before fleeing with his daughter. Jenny (Iliana Garcia) was heading to prison for kidnapping a woman and stealing over a hundred thousand dollars in jewelry when he died. Bell is distracted by news of her sister overdosing on fentanyl, and she mistakenly lets Ricky run past. Ricky and his gang of goons are finally apprehended by the FBI, who then transport Lucia to safety. Bell runs to the hospital to see if her sister is okay, and she is. Bell is warned by Valentine not to associate with people that bring her down, and as a result, Bell tries to avoid Erin.

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