Did Maeve and Caleb die? Is Aaron Paul Leaving Westworld?

Westworld Season 4- eps 3

Maeve Millay and Caleb Nichols are being pursued by the host version of William, also known as the Man in Black, in the fourth season of HBO’s science-fiction drama “Westworld.” To locate William and eliminate the danger they are facing, the two work together. Unexpectedly, they end up at Delos’ brand-new theme park throughout their voyage. In the fourth season’s third episode titled “Annees Folles”, Maeve and Caleb enter a park administration office in search of William. Not only do they discover him, but they also stumble into a trap that the Man in Black has set up with Charlotte Hale the host. So, will they pass away? Let’s find out..

Did Maeve and Caleb die?

Westworld Season 4- eps 3

Caleb and Maeve hunt for William after entering the administrative building, but instead, they come across a machine that makes a specific sound. They see numerous people commit suicide on a nearby screen as they listen to the sound. With a revolver in hand, Caleb spots his daughter Frankie among the group. Caleb rushes to her just as she prepares to commit herself but finds that she is actually simply a robot with a human face. A swarm of killer flies attacks Caleb when the robot’s facial features detach. He is unable to exit his cabin after it is locked.

Westworld _ Season 4- eps 3

On the other side, Maeve challenges William. She tries to overwhelm him, but the host counters with strength. While Caleb fights to survive, Maeve is unable to vanquish William. It is probably hard for Maeve to assist Caleb because she is involved with a cruel William, especially since a swarm of flies has covered him. At the end of Westworld Season 4 Episode 3, William isn’t giving up on fighting her, so she might not even be able to open the cabinet door. So, Caleb’s demise is anticipated. But it’s possible that Hale will remake him, just as she did with William, Clementine Pennyfeather, and the Vice President.

Westworld _ Season 4- eps 3-

Maeve, though, might not pass away. William might have greeted her to the new park with a gunshot instead of words if Hale and William had wished her dead. William doesn’t try to kill her even after confining her within the administrative building, unlike Caleb, who is left to perish. Hale must have instructed William to kidnap her rather than kill her. So, she might still be alive in the upcoming episode. The show’s fans must be wondering if Thandiwe Newton and Aaron Paul are departing because the lives of their two characters are in danger. Let’s find out, then.

Is Aaron Paul Leaving Westworld?

Aaron Paul has not yet made an announcement on their alleged departures. HBO hasn’t made any statements on Newton and Paul’s potential departure either. His performers is listed as being in the cast of the remaining episodes of the fourth season as well as Thandiwe Newton and on IMDb, which suggests that they are most likely not quitting the programme. Newton and Paul appear in a number of scenes from another season 4 episode that are included in the official promotional materials for the show. Given that Maeve is anticipated to survive, we predict that Newton will likely continue to appear in the programme. Despite the fact that it is anticipated that Caleb will pass away, the likelihood that Hale will create his host version suggests that Paul might continue to appear on the show as the host version of his original role. Hale may desire for the human race’s saviour to join her Host army as she commands them to ensure the extinction of the human race.

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