Becoming Elizabeth Episode 6: Elizabeth’s Smart Move

Becoming Elizabeth Episode 6: Elizabeth's Smart Move

Elizabeth I was the most influential lady throughout the Tudor era, and Becoming Elizabeth delves into her interesting life story. the show examines Queen Elizabeth I’s life before she became Queen, in contrast to other historical plays, which have focused on the reigns, conflicts, and court intrigues of kings. an adolescent orphan who develops a political obsession. In the series, Alicia von Rittberg portrays the young Elizabeth. Romola Garai portrays Mary, and Oliver Zetterström plays Edward. Jamie Parker portrays John Dudley, 1st Duke of Northumberland. If you’ve been watching for a long, you might be curious about the release date of the upcoming episode. You’re no longer required to speculate! ( Here is all the information you require regarding Becoming Elizabeth’s fourth episode, including when and where you can watch it.

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Becoming Elizabeth Episode 6 Recap

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Becoming Elizabeth Episode 6 Spoilers

We get to meet Elizabeth before she becomes England’s Virgin Queen, which is both fascinating and frustrating. She’s not a power player or savvy strategist. She’s smart and gutsy, but she lacks the wisdom to play the game and not get played.  Elizabeth is an unknowing victim and unintentional conspirator in Becoming Elizabeth. Where is England’s most powerful monarch? Will she…become Elizabeth? The passion that will define Elizabeth and her reign is clearly glimpsed in Becoming Elizabeth Episode 6 “What Cannot Be Cure.” The show dives into the severe testing Elizabeth underwent after Thomas Seymour’s (Tom Cullen) imprisonment in a single scene. Along with having her home confiscated, Elizabeth’s governess Kat Ashley (Alexandra Gilbreath) was also detained. Elizabeth is now facing charges of plotting with Thomas Seymour to depose her younger brother from the throne. An exclusive clip from “Becoming Elizabeth” shows the moment when Elizabeth finally gets wise.

Becoming Elizabeth Episode 6 Synopsis

Thomas’ actions have implicated Elizabeth, and whilst under house arrest, Elizabeth must clear her name as she is interrogated by the Lord Dudley. The Lord Somerset is rocked by his brother’s actions, and with Thomas in the Tower, faces the furious council and the badly shaken king who demand action. Mary comes to London to face her disgraced little sister, and Elizabeth finds herself out of favour once again as Mary comforts Edward after his ordeal. As the rebellions reach a peak in Norfolk, Somerset sends the Lord Dudley and his sons to crush it. Elizabeth is left without Robert and the Lord Somerset is left without an ally, which the council takes full advantage of, deciding it might be time for a new Lord Protector, or perhaps, a Queen Regent instead.

Becoming Elizabeth Episode 6 Release Date

Episode 6 of Becoming Elizabeth will air on Sunday, July 17 at roughly 9.00 pm (ET) / 8 am (PT) (GMT). it will last approximately 57 minutes.

What is the best place to watch Becoming Elizabeth?

Becoming Elizabeth is available to watch on Starz both on cable and online. The episode is also accessible digitally through the STARZ Play App on Amazon Prime (for those in the US and UK), as well as a Hulu extension (the USA only). Expect episodes to be accessible online shortly after they air, with Amazon Prime Video dropping episodes especially quickly after they air. Allow enough time for the content providers to post the episodes to the internet.

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