Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 22 [Season Finale] Will Upton Survive?

Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 22 will air on Wednesday, May 25, 2022, at 10 p.m. EST On NBC. Chicago P.D. will wrap up its ninth season with the squad scrambling to finally take down notorious drug kingpin Escano (José Ziga). Is it possible that Intelligence has just lost one of its own?

In the penultimate episode, the squad started closing in on drug lord Javier Escano, putting Anna in a perilous situation. one she didn’t want to be in after Voight’s decision to lie to her. As the episode ended, the Intelligence Unit closed in on Escano’s operation and engaged in a shootout with his soldiers. They expected to be shot at as they closed in, but they didn’t expect an explosive device to be attached to the car they were approaching. We were quickly assured that Halstead and Ruzek were both fine following the blast. Upton, on the other hand, looked to be motionless on the ground after the explosion. The show suddenly went dark, allowing viewers to speculate about Upton’s fate.  (Read full the recap below.)  Fans are eagerly awaiting the season finale episode. What are your expectations for Chicago PD season 9 episode 22?  On, we have discussed it.

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Chicago PD Season 10 Episode 1 Recap

Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 22 Spoilers

Things aren’t looking good for Detective Hailey Upton (Tracy Spiridakos) heading into the Chicago P.D. finale after she and Detective Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) were near to an explosion during the team’s moves against Javier Escano (José Ziga). Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 22 titled “You and Me” will be an action-packed and emotional finale after another incredible season! Tonight’s epic finale episode promises to be a remarkable episode that answers the nagging issue on our minds: Did Upton die? Upton’s fate was unknown at the end of the episode. Fortunately, some members of the Chicago P.D. cast have stated that Upton will be OK. Despite the fact that Upton appears to be in a poor place in Season 9 of Chicago P.D., multiple castmates have stated that she will be alright. Historically we’ve seen this unit take so much abuse whether it’s explosions, nine-millimeter bullets to the gut, car crashes, and accidents,” Atwater actor LaRoyce Hawkins told TV Insider.

Ruzek and Burgess’s Relationship

Ruzek and Burgess have a complicated relationship, with him recently offering her and Makayla his father’s house. Both cops must accept where they are in their romantic lives. Ruzek has proposed to her many times. Burgess’s desire is to provide the best possible care for the child. Meanwhile, Atwater’s relationship with Celeste (Amanda Payton) shattered as it was revealed that he was a cop and had been lying to her. He left her a voicemail a few episodes back, basically telling her he wasn’t going to keep trying to solve things. Atwater’s current focus is to protect and serve at a high level. Obviously, he’s considering a career as a detective. If he does not become a detective soon. he’s been investing in real estate and communities that could benefit from the love.

Chicago PD Episode 9.22 Synopsis: After an explosion rocks the case, the team scrambles to finally take down Escano as everyone nears their breaking point.

Where I Watch Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 22 Online?

Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 22 will air on Wednesday, May 25, 2022, at 10 p.m. EST On NBC. It airs every Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET on Citytv in Canada, and it is broadcast on Sky in the United Kingdom. If you prefer live television, the episode will be available on Peacock TV, YouTube TV, Sling TV, Hulu+, and Fubo TV. The episode will also be available on Google Play Movies & TV, Vudu, and Amazon Prime Video on demand.

Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 21 Recap

Voight’s CI was vital in his team’s victory. Anna has gained the trust of Escano. Escano was the leader of the Los Temidos gang, and she was out for vengeance when they raped her to get her to join the gang. Taking down Escano and his gang, however, proved far more difficult than they had imagined. Months of clandestine work were necessary. Escano’s bakery needs Anna’s participation. Because it exposed her frailty and put her child in risk, she gradually acquired his trust. She stayed working because Voight had promised to protect her, and a cop’s word was more valuable than anything Escano could provide. Escano invited Anna to meet him at his home in the suburbs.

Escano was brought to the residence by Matteo. Escano appeared out of nowhere. He’s been around, and the driver he chooses might be right in the thick of things. After recognizing Matteo, Voight’s unit sat on him. They noticed him during a gathering. Until they heard crying, all they could hear was music. Detective Upton decided to look into the screams. It whisked her away to Matteo’s party. It turns out Matteo was gang-raping a girl there. They were filming everything as well. Two of the three suspects were caught by Upton and Halstead. They also summoned Voight because they couldn’t tell if it was rape or a gang initiation. Matteo was captured along with at least one accomplice. Matteo made an attempt to insinuate that Isobel was the brains behind the party. They told him to stop talking because the tape shows that none of this was Isobel’s idea, and then they told him about the accusations he was facing. According to Matteo, the party was inspired by Escano. Escano, he said, liked watching. Escano, he added, wanted dirt on all of his staff. Since Escano approached Voight about working for him, he had been aware of this.

Voight was said to be a bad cop by Escano. As a result, he made a bribe offer. He delivered Voight a bag containing a considerable sum of money, which he returned to his station, where it was reported as an attempted bribe. Anna and Voight also had a meeting. He kept the rapes hidden from her because he felt it would distract her. It wasn’t a good idea to keep it secret, either. Anna had just received word from Voight that Matteo had been arrested for auto theft. Anna then carried it about with her until she had a chance to speak with Escano. Matteo was apprehended, according to Escano, because a girl was hurt. Anna was able to piece together the events of the day. But something else happened first. When Upton and Halstead were about to arrest everyone, one of the vehicles exploded, and Voight’s team arrived. The two investigators were knocked unconscious. And the bad person got away.

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