Call of the Night Episode 5 Release Date and Time

In Call of the Night Episode 4, Akira has trouble sleeping. she spends the night in Nazuna’s apartment later that evening, when she discovers the truth behind their relationship. She’s shocked to find Kou sleeping with Nazuna. Nazuna drinks blood Kou but she is surprised he didn’t become a vampire. By night’s end, Akira is more comfortable with Kou’s dating choices. She says they’ll be pals even if he turns into a vampire. read the recap below. Call of the Night Episode 5 has already piqued the interest of fans. has a release date of the episode that will you able to watch the show.

Call of the Night Episode 5 Release Date

On Aug 5, 2022, Call of the Night Episode 4 will be made available in the US, the UK, and Europe. Episode 5 will debut in Japan on Aug 6, 2022.

Call of the Night Episode 5 Release Time

On July 29th at 12:55 JST, Call of the Night Episode 4 will be televised in Japan. The following release times will be applicable to your location if the given information is still accurate:

10:30 Pacific Time (July 28, 2022)
12:30 Central Time (July 28, 2022)
13:30 Eastern Time (July 28, 2022)
18:30 British Time (July 28, 2022)

Where to Watch Call of the Night Episode 5

Call of the Night will be accessible for online streaming on Fuji TV after around an hour because the majority of fans will be watching the anime online. Additionally, HIDIVE will be the only place where you can see the anime. Considering how young the streaming platform is, we can be sure that many people are unaware of it even though it has all the features you’d want from a top-notch streaming platform. There is no information available on the Call of the Night English dub. When new information becomes available, we’ll make sure to update the article or create a new one. Netflix has the supernatural romance animation available for watching.

How many total episodes in Call of the Night season 1?

13 episodes of Call of the Night are scheduled to air as of this writing. This is based on information posted about Blu-ray and DVD releases on the anime’s official website. The first Blu-ray disc will have six episodes, spanning the first through sixth nights. On October 26, 2022, it will be offered for 17,600 yen. The second Blu-ray edition, meanwhile, will have seven episodes that cover the seventh through twelfth nights. On January 25, 2023, it will be offered for 19,800 yen. If there are no delays in its delivery, Call of the Night is anticipated to last from July 8 through September 30, 2022.

Call of the Night Episode 4 Recap

Akira pays close attention in class. the teacher advises the entire class to be aware of their sleeping patterns because it’s important for them to form good habits. Akira, who has been getting less sleep for a while, now appreciates the counsel. Later that night, despite her best efforts, she is unable to fall asleep due to her persistent thoughts. Kou, meantime, succeeds in slipping out of his residence undetected as usual. When he arrives at the neighborhood playground, he spots Nazuna sitting alone. and leaves the playground. Kou is still stunned by their kiss the night before and doesn’t know how to act around her. He walks around the city at night to ponder the situation. He concludes he’s fallen for her and can now become a vampire. Nazuna finds him alone. When she meets him, he discusses their kiss with her and says it’s time to convert him into a vampire. Nazuna drinks blood without argument. Kou is surprised he didn’t become a vampire.

Nazuna says it’s not shocking because he’s not in love and was sexually attracted after the kiss. Akira, who can’t sleep, wears her school clothes and decides to go out as usual. Kou invites her to Nazuna’s place while she’s wandering so they may spend time together. she agrees. The group plays a few games. She’s friendly toward Nazuna. Akira is relieved to learn that Kou doesn’t openly express his sexual dreams. but after some time, Kou argues with Akira and does grudgingly support Nazuna. Akira sits calmly and then they play video games. She’s friendly toward Nazuna despite her obscene comments. she thinks his friends’ relationship is healthy. Akira is also happy to find that Kou avoids discussing his desires and feels awkward when the topic of sexuality is brought up. She’s shocked to find Kou sleeps with Nazuna. he clarifies everything when she misunderstands. Akira can’t leave Nazuna’s apartment because it’s raining, so she shares the couple’s blanket. After Nazuna drinks Kou’s blood, the three sleep together. Akira’s companion will only become a vampire if she falls in love with Nazuna and sucks his blood. By night’s end, she’s more comfortable with Kou’s dating choices. She says they’ll be pals even if he turns into a vampire. Kou has gotten open to her and realizes she feels about him.

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