Call of the Night Episode 1 Recap: “1st Night: Night Flight”

Call of the Night Episode 1 Recap:

Kotoyama wrote and illustrated Call of the Night. Since August 2019, it’s appeared in Shogakukan’s Weekly Shnen Sunday. Viz Media licenses the manga in North America. Liden Films’ anime adaptation debuted on Fuji TV’s Noitamina block in July 2022. “1st Night: Night Flight” is the first episode of ‘Call of the Night’ and focuses on Kou as he goes for a nighttime walk to find meaning in his life. He meets Nazuna Nanakusa while walking. Nazun exposes Kou to the night’s beauty and diagnoses his insomnia as they walk. Here’s what you need to know about  Call of the Night episode 1.

Kou Yamori leaves his room late at night and wanders aimlessly through the city. He has recently begun pushing people away because he is frustrated with the lack of purpose in his daily activities. Kou did not pause to consider her love advances before turning them down when his classmate made them. Kou, who was being teased by several of the girls’ friends, persisted in saying that he had never understood the purpose of liking or disliking someone. Kou had started drifting away from the people he knew due to his peculiar nihilistic viewpoint. He feverishly looked for significance as he walked under the stars in the hopes that it would bring him some kind of solace.

Call of the Night Episode 1 Recap: "1st Night: Night Flight"

Kou becomes aware that others are talking about drinking and having a good time in various group conversations when his mind is taken away by the continual buzzing of his phone. Kou, who has never used alcohol before, makes the decision to do so after spotting a vending machine. But just as the can opens, a mystery girl appears right beside him. Kou is temporarily taken aback and states that he chose the wrong can out of fear of being jailed for attempting to consume alcohol while still a minor. The unidentified girl maintains she has no intention of reporting him to the police, though. She continues by asking him about his insomnia and the causes of nocturnal arousal. The girl disagrees with Kou’s claim that most people have plans that keep them active.

Call of the Night Episode 1 Recap: "1st Night: Night Flight"

According to her, individuals don’t sleep because they don’t live their lives to the utmost throughout the day. Even talking to three inebriated men at the bus terminal helps her establish her argument. Kou starts to feel a little better as the two of them tour the city at night, finally letting go of thoughts of his boring everyday life, which has gotten too much for him to handle. Later, much to Kou’s astonishment, his friend brings him to her place. She offers to put him to sleep once they are in and invites him to sleep in the same bed with her.

Call of the Night Episode 1 Recap: "1st Night: Night Flight"

Kou tries to appear to sleep even though he is a little anxious so that he can escape as soon as he has the chance. Kou, on the other hand, is unaware that his new friend is awake, and when she senses that he is dozing off, she bites his neck and begins sipping his blood. Kou protests that it was just a bug when she immediately gets up straight, however, the blood on her lips speaks otherwise. Kou confronts her, and she admits that she’s just a vampire.

Call of the Night Episode 1 Recap: "1st Night: Night Flight"

Kou’s friend finally names himself Nazuna Nanakusa after admitting that she is a vampire. She maintains that she didn’t mean to hurt him in any way; she just wanted to sip some of his blood. When Kou learns he can’t turn into a vampire anytime soon, he is immediately thrilled. The only thing that made him happy for a very long time, he realizes, is the time he spends with Nazuna. He doesn’t want to go back to his regular life where he has to put on a front for his family and peers in order to fit in. When Kou realizes that his boring life hasn’t changed and that he still has to continue his daily program the next morning, his initial sense of comfort quickly gives way to disappointment. He asks Nazuna to make him a vampire because the only thing that makes him happy is going out and experiencing the nightlife with her.

Call of the Night [ Episode - 1

Kou regrettably discovers at that point that his new friend isn’t actually able to assist him with his problem. According to Nazuna, a person can only turn into a vampire after falling in love with the vamp who consumes his blood. Kou is unharmed by Nazuna sucking his blood because he hardly knows her. To Nazuna’s amazement, Kou asserts that he is prepared to deeply in love with her if doing so will allow him to lead the life he desires. Apparently uncomfortable, his new buddy protests that she doesn’t mind if he finds love with her as much as she may drink his blood.

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