Maeve and Caleb’s discovery in Westworld Season 4 Episode 3


The third episode of Westworld’s fourth season offered the chance to fully immerse viewers in the new 1920s environment. What then did we learn along the way? For better or worse, it was something reminiscent of the old world. The fact that this episode didn’t spend more time genuinely delving beyond the surface is what we really wish, mostly because it makes Hale’s operation seem even more diabolical. After all, she is attempting to exact revenge on people for what they did to the Hosts. It is the height of retaliation, and what happened to Caleb Nichols (Aaron Paul) at the conclusion of this episode took it to a whole new level.

Did Maeve and Caleb die? Is Aaron Paul Leaving Westworld?

In Westworld season 4 episode 3, Maeve Millay (Thandiwe Newton) and Caleb Nichols search for William (Ed Harris), also known as the Man in Black, who has been attacking their lives, after landing at Delos’s new theme park. When Frankie (Celeste Clark) is spotted in one of the cottages in Delos’ new park carrying a rifle, Caleb approaches Maeve and inquires about her status as a host. When asked if she believes the people she sees in the cabins are hosts, Maeve replies that she doesn’t. When Caleb tries to save his daughter, he discovers that she is actually a robot. A swarm of flies attacks Caleb as the robot’s face fractures and separates.


When it comes to Hale’s works, we think that nothing was a surprise because a lot of these were things that we already knew she was producing! The main distinction, of course, was just being able to observe her progress and the involvement of additional people we are familiar with. Moving forward, Caleb is in a terrible situation where he can end up as one of Hale’s test subjects for his experiments. Additionally, we will always be terrified of flies. That remains the case.

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