At the end of Money Heist Season 5 Vol 2, Where is the gold? Explained

Money Heist Season 5 Vol 2

The incredible narrative of the modern merry band of thieves comes to an epic end in Money Heist season 5 part 2. The gold from the Bank of Spain has been the main plot device since Season 3. If you’re wondering what happened to it, where it is, or who owns it, this is the place to go.

What Happens to the Bank of Spain’s Gold?

The Bank of Spain heist was conceived by Berlin (Pedro Alonso) and Palermo (Rodrigo de la Serna). It was later abandoned, and the Professor shifted his concentration to the Royal Mint. However, after Rio was kidnapped, the Professor required a large enough stage to compel the authorities to not only release him but also to release him and the others. While sophisticated, Berlin and Palermo’s plan had a number of flaws, which the Professor tried to iron out until the plan was ready to be implemented.

Inside the bank, a worker melts the 90 tonnes of ingots and crushes the gold into small gravel-sized pieces. They transport the gold to a stormwater tank, where Benjamin and his team, along with the Professor and Marseille (Luka Pero), are waiting for it, using the 120,000 liters of water already within the vault as a driving force. They remelt the gold and turned it into ingots once more.

The police appear just like all of the gold has been converted back into ingots. Marseille and Benjamin’s crew take up firearms when they see there are only four cars, but the Professor dissuades them, not wanting anybody else to die because of him. They are allegedly apprehended and thrown behind a police van, but nothing else happens for about 20 minutes. When the Professor realizes something is gravely wrong, he exits the vehicle only to find that all of the gold has vanished.

The gold has been stolen by Berlin’s son, Rafael (Patrick Criado), and Berlin’s previous wife, Tatiana (Diana Gómez). His brother, like the Professor, liked to talk in bed, and he told his then-wife about the plans. Tatiana eventually left Berlin for Rafael, and the two of them had been waiting to carry out their own plan all along. Rafael and Tatiana became involved in the Bank of Spain heist when the Professor started it. They recruit a large staff and purchase a piece of property. They buried the gold in the plot and built a moveable house on top of it, replete with stepping stones, artificial grass, and potted plants, after smuggling it out from under the Professor’s nose.

The Professor informed practically everyone on board, including Lisbon, that the gold was going to be used as a bargaining chip to free the bank crew from the authorities’ grasp. With it gone, the situation appears to be hopeless. It gets worse when a member of Sagasta’s unit detonates the explosives at all three entrance points, allowing the police and military to enter.

The bank employees are then apprehended. The Professor, who is missing his ostensible bargaining chip, orders Alicia Sierra (Najwa Nimri), who is now a full-fledged member of the crew, to find the gold with Benjamin’s group. He then sets Marseille on a wild goose chase with the authorities while he turns himself up. When the Professor eventually confronts Tamayo (Fernando Cayo), he appears to have one more trick up his sleeve. He tells Tamayo that the issue can only end in one of two ways: either they win together or they lose together.

At the end of the money heist, who has the gold?

As word of the crime spreads, Spain appears to be on the edge of a financial meltdown. The Professor uses this as leverage to get Tamayo to agree to his requirements despite his apprehensions. Because the search for gold has been unproductive, the latter has no other option. The authorities have tried everything to compel the Money Heist team to reveal any information about the gold, from threats to torture to tempting offers. Nothing works since no one at the bank, even the Professor, knows where the gold is at that time. Rafael and Tatiana’s gold theft appears to have turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

In exchange for the gold, Tamayo promises to free the crew. When the ingots come, however, they are shown to be brass, gold-plated, and stamped with the crew’s characteristic Dali mask. This is the Professor’s masterpiece of deception. The financial crisis is averted as the globe watches the gold being returned to the Bank of Spain. Spain does not use the gold reserve, thus whether the ingots housed there are gold or metal makes no difference.

Tamayo is obliged to acknowledge his defeat and swallow the bitter pill. The Professor is, at the end of the day, a thief. He had no intention of returning the gold to the authorities. Palermo had noticed this and was the only one in the team who was aware of it. Meanwhile, Alicia discovers Rafael and Tatiana’s gold-hiding plot. She, on the other hand, activates the sensors that were installed on the property. Between the two crews, there is a fight. Alicia defuses the situation by handing Rafael a note from his uncle, in which the Professor most likely reminds his nephew that they are blood relatives. Rafael agrees to return the gold, knowing that he, Tatiana, and the rest of their team will be compensated.

Except for Denver (who is in police custody), Tamayo tells the media that the Professor and every member of his team are dead. They are really handed separate passports and escorted out of the country. The Professor uses the gold as leverage to persuade the authorities to never pursue him and his gang again. If they succeed, the truth about the brass ingots will be revealed, and Spain will face another financial crisis. Benjamin crosses the border into Portugal with the gold inside the moveable house from earlier in Money Heist, which is the last time we see it. We can presume that the remaining members of the two teams will split the 90 tonnes of gold and that none of them will have to work again.

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