America’s Got Talent (AGT): The dangerous aerial act performed by Duo Mico TERRIFIED the Judges.

America's Got Talent (AGT): The dangerous aerial act performed by Duo Mico TERRIFIED the Judges.

An episode of America’s Got Talent (AGT) season 17 featuring the two extraordinarily talented aerial acrobats who are a part of the group Duo Mico is scheduled to air on NBC at 8:00 pm Eastern Time (ET) on Tuesday, July 26, 2022. This particular episode is scheduled to air at that time.

The judges are sure to give Caroline Rinny and Maxime (Max) Piché Luneau a standing ovation for the exceptional portion of their aerial act that they will perform together with Maxime (Max). Although Caroline was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, her partner is originally from Montreal, Quebec.

The AGT competitors were able to win over the judges Simon Cowell, Sofia Vergara, Heidi Klum, and Howie Mandel, earning their approval to compete in the next round of the competition. They will be one of the many competitors who will put their best foot forward in the hopes of impressing both the audience in the room and the viewers at home.

The dangerous aerial act performed by Duo Mico TERRIFIED the Judges.

Due to the enormous success of the most recent few seasons, America’s Got Talent (AGT) has been given the green light to return for a seventeenth consecutive year. The aerial performance that Duo Mico presents as part of their audition for America’s Got Talent leaves viewers speechless.  The moment that Caroline and Max walked out onto the stage, they were greeted with applause, which immediately piqued the interest of the judges.

Caroline took the opportunity presented by the group’s first performance on stage to remind the judges of her previous appearance on the America’s Got Talent (AGT) stage. The competitor admitted to being on Season 12 of the show as her hubby Jonathan Rinny’s assistant while he performed his Rola-Rola balancing act. She was on the show in that capacity. After some time, the husband-and-wife team was taken out of the competition by the judges.

They began their performance with Klergy & Beginners’s Will You Fight playing in the background, and then they performed flips, turns, and a variety of other stunts that impressed the judges. At the conclusion of their performance, Caroline performed a death drop into Max’s arms from a significant height, which left the audience in a state of stunned silence.

Ava Swiss, Bayley Graham, Catwall Acrobats, Freckled Zelda, Kim Evey, Maxence VIRE, and a great number of other contestants will also be trying out for this week’s episode. In order for viewers to discover which of these acts will be moving on to the next round, they will need to tune in.

Remember to tune in to this week’s episode of America’s Got Talent on NBC on Tuesday.

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