America’s Got Talent: All-Stars 2023 Participants List

Former winners, finalists, and contestants from AGT: All Stars will perform in hopes of winning over judges Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, and Howie Mandel as well as the live audience and fans at home. As a result of the franchise’s enormous popularity with viewers, a variety of artistic disciplines have witnessed an infusion of talent, including dance, singing, comedy, novelty, danger, magic, and ventriloquism among many others. The new program premieres on NBC, on Monday, January 2, 2023, at 8/7c.  Peacock will make the programs available for streaming the following day.

As a result of the candidates’ previous involvement in the Got Talent franchise, AGT: All Stars will include a more intense competition. In front of 59 past competitors, they will return to the stage this year and improve their performance. The winner and rightful recipient of the title and the top cash reward will be revealed, and viewers will have to wait and see.

Ten new performers will perform on the AGT: All Stars stage each week in an effort to win over the judges and the public. Only two of these ten competitors will move on to the reality talent competition finals. The Top 10 and a wild card entry will be chosen by the audience, and the remaining 11 contestants will compete in the two-hour finals. Fans will have the opportunity to watch some of their favorite Acts from previous seasons compete once more.  ( Here is the complete list of America’s Got Talent: All-Stars 2023 Participants.

America’s Got Talent: All-Stars 2023 Participants List

  1. From America’s Got Talent (AGT) season 16, magician Aidan Bryant
  2. AGT season 15 aerialist Alan Silva
  3. Ventriloquist Ana Maria Margean from Romania’s Got Talent 2021 – RECIPIENT
  4. Poet from Britain’s Got Talent 2022, Aneeshwar Kunchala
  5. 15th season of America’s Got Talent singer Archie Williams
  6. AGT season 17 saxophonist Avery Dixon
  7. Comedian Axel Blake won Britain’s Got Talent in 2022.
  8. AGT season 15’s Bello Sisters handbalancing team
  9. The AGT season 14 acapella group Berywam
  10. AGT season 14’s Extreme Variety Act, Bir Khalsa
  11. Poet from AGT season 15 and winner Brandon Leake
  12. AGT season 15’s Extreme Variety act was Brett Loudermilk.
  13. Caly Bevier, an AGT season 11 performer
  14. The extreme variety act Captain Ruin from Australia‘s Got Talent 2019
  15. AGT season 15 singer Cristina Rae
  16. Dancers from season 15 of America’s Got Talent comprise Dance Town Family.
  17. AGT season 15 singer Daneliya Tuleshova
  18. Dancer from Romania’s Got Talent, Darius Mabsa 2022
  19. WINNER Detroit Youth Choir, an AGT season 14 choir group
  20. 2019’s India’s Got Talent: Music Act Divyansh and Manuraj
  21. America’s Got Talent season 9 featured the variety act Dustin’s Dojo,
  22. AGT Season 9 a musical act by Emil and Dariel,
  23. America’s Got Talent season 16 winner magician Dustin Tavella.
  24. Asia’s Got Talent season 14 magician Eric Chien 
  25. Rapper Flau’jae, from season 13 of America’s Got Talent
  26. AGT season 13’s variety act Human Fountains
  27. AGT season 14 comedian Jackie Fabulous
  28. Ventriloquist Jamie Leahey from Britain’s Got Talent 2022
  29. Magician from Britain’s Got Talent 2021, Jasper Cherry
  30. Singer Jeanick Fournier won Canada’s Got Talent 2022.
  31. Jimmie Herrod, a singer from season 16 of America’s Got Talent
  32. Josh Blue, an AGT season 16 comedian
  33. Magician from Britain’s Got Talent 2022, Keiichi Iwasaki
  34. Dominican Republic’s Got Talent 2021 contestant Keren Montero is a singer.
  35. Kodi Lee, a singer from season 14 of American Idol, won.
  36. Light Balance Kids, a dance group America’s Got Talent Season 14.
  37. Lioz, a magician from Australia’s Got Talent season 10 (future competition)
  38. Lukas & Falko, Animal Act, Das Supertalent (Germany), season 14, winner
  39. Malevo, a dance group from season 11 of America’s Got Talent
  40. Mandy Harvey, an AGT season 12 singer
  41. Mervant Vera, a magician from season 17 of America’s Got Talent
  42. AGT season 17 comedian Mike E. Winfield
  43. Mini Droids, a dance group from Belgium’s Got Talent 2021,
  44.   Ndlovu Youth Choir, a choir group from season 14 of America’s Got Talent.
  45. Peter Antoniou, a mentalist from season 16 of America’s Got Talent
  46. AGT Season 16 singer Peter Rosalita
  47. 2016 Philippine’s Got Talent competition Power Duo – Aerialists, WINNER
  48. AGT season 14 singer Robert Finley
  49. America’s Got Talent season 13 magician The Sacred Riana
  50. Asia’s Got Talent season 17 singer Sara James 
  51. AGT’s Sethward, a variety performer from seasons 15 and 17,
  52. Ventriloquist Terry Fator, winner of season two of American Idol Season 2,
  53. From Britain’s Got Talent 2022, singer Tom Ball
  54. Tone the Chief, an AGT season 8 singer
  55. Ballerina Vitoria Bueno, Das Supertalent (Germany), 2021
  56. AGT season 17 aerialist Vivianna Rossi
  57. Children’s Choir from AGT Season 13: Voices of Hope
  58. AGT season 16’s World Taekwondo – Variety Act
  59. America’s Got Talent season 13/Asia’s Got Talent: Yumbo Dump – Vareity
  60. Magician from Britain’s Got Talent, Aidan McCann 2020′

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