Alone Season 9 Episode 8: Who taps out

Alone Season 9 Episode 8

Terry, Jessie, Tom, Adam, KarieLee, and Teimojin were the other six players in Alone Season 9 Episode 7. Unfortunately, Terry was the final candidate to leave Alone Season 9. His physical health was failing, and he was compelled to tap out. Terry’s departure implies that the challenge has been abandoned by the two survivalists who murdered beavers. The participants attempt to burrow down and gather supplies for a lengthy stay as the days go by. Each of them is working to develop fresh hunting techniques and safeguard their food supplies. Karie wished her mother a happy birthday on day 41. After watching the sixth episode, Let’s move ahead. Only six participants are left. So, here’s what’s in store for Alone Season 9 Episode 8,’s everything we know so far about the new episode, including the release date.

Alone Season 9 Episode 9: Only Four Participants are Left

“Gut Feeling” is the title of the eighth episode of Alone season 9. The seven survivalists Adam Riley, Jessie Krebs, Juan Pablo, Karie Lee Knoke, Teimojin Tan, and Tom Garstang are still in the running to be the final survivor.

Alone Season 9 Episode 8 synopsisAs resilience and strength are put to the ultimate test, the remaining participants look to the past for answers. A survivalist’s disastrous fall impedes their ability to hunt, while another finds new ways to secure a kill. Later some participants take a moment to appreciate a milestone, as another suffers pains that seem to only get worse.

Alone Season 9 Episode 9 Release Date

Alone Season 9 Episode 9 will air on 14 July 2022 at 9/8c On History. New episodes are delivered weekly and each episode lasts approximately 93 minutes. Discovery+ distributes the show, which airs on The History Channel. If you can’t watch the cable TV show, you can watch it later on the official History website. You can also choose from live streaming platforms such as Fubo TV, Sling TVDirecTV, and Philo TV where the show is available. You can rent or buy individual episodes or entire seasons on Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, and Apple TV.

What is the best way to watch Alone Season 9?

Thursdays on The History Channel and Amazon Prime in the United States Also available on Fridays on the History Channel app  (Android, iOS, Roku, smart TV). Canada: History Channel and Amazon Prime on Thursdays. On Fridays in the History Channel app with a VPN linked to the United States (Android, iOS, Roku, smart TV).

Alone Season 9 Remaining Contestant List

• Adam Riley
• Benji Hill
• Jessie Krebs
Jacques Turcotte – Eliminated (1)
• Juan Pablo Quinonez
Igor Limansky
• Karie Lee Knoke
• Terry Burns
• Tom Garstang
• Teimojin Tan

 Is Alone Season 9 available to watch on YouTube?

YouTube doesn’t have Alone’s full episodes. The History YouTube channel has several footages from multiple seasons. Full episodes aren’t available because Discovery+ and The History Channel are the main distributors. Discovery+ is a membership service that includes History, HGTV, TLC, and many more networks. Sling lets you stream shows like Alone online. Stack also serves Canadians.

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