Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 1 Recap – hints Upcoming Yellowstone Prequel Series

Fans were eagerly awaiting the season 4 opener of ‘Yellowstone‘ to see if the Duttons would survive the concerted attacks on their lives. But one question remains unanswered in the fourth season premiere: who attacked the Duttons? On Sunday’s Season 4 premiere doubleheader, we’ll recap “Half the Money” and “Phantom Pain.” As we started the first of two magnificent hours, with an amazing, action-packed, episode.

Yellowstone’s Season 4 premiere deals with last season’s horrific cliffhanger. John Dutton writes a note on the ground with his own blood, identifying his shooter’s vehicle. Kayce uses a grenade to distract his assailants and shoots his way out of his office. Beth survives the Schwartz & Meyer bomb detonation as emergency services gather outside. Rip finds John on the side of the road, dying, and rushes him to the hospital. Kayce uses his father’s blood testimony to track down the assailants, resulting in a gunfight in which all of the assailants are killed, but Kayce himself shot as well.

Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 2 Recap

An assassin also targets Monica and Tate at the Dutton home. In the episode’s most harrowing sequence, Tate kills the man while Monica fights heroically, like a mother protecting her child. Rip has an unresponsive John evacuated to a hospital, hoping to save his life but discovers that his cabin has been destroyed. The wranglers slay the last assassins who tried to attack Yellowstone, but Jimmy remains motionless after being bucked from a horse. The Yellowstone team had defeated the hooded assassins but John, Kayce, and Jimmy are still missing.

Flashing back to 1893 – hints upcoming Yellowstone Prequel Series

Early Dutton settlers come up with a group of Native Americans who had built up camp on their recently claimed territory in 1893. To help them get through the winter, the Dutton family offers them a calf to assist them to bury a member of their tribe on their farm. The flashback not only sets up later ceremonial discovery on the area but also hints at Paramount+’s upcoming Yellowstone prequel series.

Beth Meets Carter

Established the foundation for one of Beth’s first truly human friendships in Yellowstone season 4 episode 1 recap

In the present day, John wakes up at the hospital, where he sees Beth, mostly healed from the bomb. So she gets rowdy when the doctors try to put John back to sleep so he doesn’t further injure himself. A little child who is at the hospital to see his father die of heroin addiction encounters Beth as she smokes. A cigarette and lots of advice before she realizes the youngster is only 14 (new cast member Finn Little). “F—k you,” Carter told his brain-dead dad, “for leaving me in this place with nothing and nobody.” “I like your style,” she told him. “I don’t have a style,” he replied. “Yeah, you do,”  Being alone at his father’s deathbed, Beth helps him say goodbye and offers solace in an unusually sensitive way.

In the casino, a patron brags about helping set up the Dutton attack. Chief Rainwater learns that a man called Jesse assisted in the planning of the Dutton family’s attacks. Rainwater has Jesse interrogated and tortured for information on his employer.
During John’s recovery at his ranch, he finds Jimmy in physical therapy with his girlfriend Mia and learns that Jimmy was hurt after falling from a horse, breaking his promise to John not to try rodeo again. Following the attack, John sits down with Beth to examine the aftermath, still unsure what happened and what was taken from him. Kayce emerges from the fields clad in a ghillie suit, showing that all Duttons survived the onslaught.

But one sibling remains unaccounted for. Beth confronts Jamie in his Attorney General’s office, believing he organized the attack and is trying to take her family away. Jamie retorts that he had called to check in but not called Beth. It’s unclear whether Beth believes him, but If Jamie is involved in the attacks, Beth swears to murder him. John thanks the wranglers for sticking up for him and his family, and apologizes again for putting them at risk. the terrific day end with a night of beer and poker.

How did Roarke die?

Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 1 Recap Ending:  The next day,  Rip approaches Roarke, the Market Equities employee trying to buy the Dutton family’s land. Roarke is still a menace to the Duttons, So Rip appears to be dealing with him. Rattlesnake at Roarke while he’s fishing by the lake. A snake bite soon kills Roarke and Rip ensures he is dead. The episode finishes with Rip leaving the scene of the crime while a cheerful country song plays in the background. This scene shows Rip’s continuous growth as a Dutton family member. The venomous killing stands out as a spiteful deed compared to gun violence. While Rip killing Roarke temporarily stopped the Market Equities fight, his actions will undoubtedly have long-term consequences.

Who was behind the attack?

The season 4 opening does not reveal who attacked the Duttons. Rainwater, Roarke, and Jamie were the three likely choices. Afraid of being found out, Jamie’s phony family is being murdered. So far, Jamie has shown loyalty to his chosen family. The episode’s actions rule out Rainwater as the main perpetrator, as he is seeking the culprit, afraid they may be wanting his land as well. Last but not least is Roarke, whose death suggests he was involved in the attacks. But Rip doesn’t challenge Roarke or press him for admission. So we can’t be sure Roarke attacked the Duttons. Even if he did, it was probably on behalf of Market Equities. The attack’s mastermind’s identity is still unknown. Read Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 2 Recap on

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