Who won the first season of Claim to Fame? Logan, LC, or Pepper?

Who won the first season of Claim to Fame? Logan, LC, or Pepper?

Having a celebrity relative is surely advantageous. The winner of the new ABC game show “Claim to Fame,” which debuted on July 11, 2022, and aired its season finale on September 6, received a $100,000 prize. So Who won the Claim to Fame Season 1?

It’s one of the best things on network TV this summer that not enough people know about. Kevin and Frankie Jonas-co-hosted program gathered 12 competitors who were on the verge of fame together under one roof, combining the drama of CBS’ “Big Brother” with the mystery of “The Masked Singer”: Each contestant tried to find out about their housemates’ covert celebrity ties while keeping their own a secret. Contestants were prohibited from using their cell phones or the internet, which made things more difficult.

Did LC, Logan, or Pepper win in the end?

The second runner-up of the season, Pepper Martin, was also ousted in the series finale. Second place went to Logan Crosby. Born Loreal Palmer, “L.C.” won the competition and took first place.

We’ll admit that going into the finale, we were almost sure that LC would win, mostly because more of the other contestants seemed to have no idea who she was. (TV Host Keke Palmer’s sister.) We also like that some of the famous people were kept a secret until the end. Yes! ABC’s “Claim to Fame” saw Loreal Palmer, Keke’s older sister, defeat Logan Crosby, Jason Aldean‘s cousin, in the show’s debut season finale.

Throughout the duration of the 10-episode run of the game show, Loreal Palmer, who went by “L.C.”, kept her relationship with her well-known relative a secret. As a result, she was able to win the $100,000 grand prize. Palmer, 34, Logan Crosby, and Pepper Martin, the granddaughter of actor/comedian/singer Dean Martin, competed in a Truth or Dare game in front of the nine housemates who had been sent out of the competition on Tuesday, September 6.

Each competitor received two points for providing an honest response to a Truth question. Dares were vile and only worth one point, such as drinking hot sauce straight up or swallowing a scorpion. Because the challenge’s winner will determine the season’s last two guessers, Loreal Palmer and Pepper Martin chose to speak the truth in order to score the most points. Both athletes received eight points, so they competed to see who could eat a dish of five bugs the quickest as a tiebreaker.

After a nasty tiebreaker where they had to eat bugs, LC made it into the final two. She chose Logan as the guesser, which was a surprising choice since she wasn’t sure who he was. He brought up the fact that Pepper was related to Dean Martin.

The ultimate choice
L.C/Loreal Palmer could try to guess Logan’s Claim to Fame or hope that he didn’t know who Keke Palmer was. Technically, he didn’t know who she was, but someone in the house may have told him since everyone else did. She decided to try to figure it out herself and said that Logan was related to Jason Aldean. She had a point! In the end, they had a really sweet moment together, which made it even better for her to win. L.C did a great job of figuring this out. She was able to figure it out by listening to what other people in the house said.

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