Who was eliminated in The Amazing Race season 35 episode 1?

With a promise of an exciting global journey, The Amazing Race Season 35 promises to bring viewers back to the height of excitement. There are thirteen exciting teams vying for the coveted million-dollar prize this season, meaning the stakes are higher than ever. In addition to bringing back some beloved elements like the Express Pass and commercial travel, this first episode also offers fresh obstacles that will have viewers and competitors alike on the tip of their seats.

There will be no safety net of non-elimination legs this time, the teams are informed as the famous Hollywood sign looms huge in the background. As they set out on a voyage that will take them through a number of heart-pounding obstacles across multiple countries, the pressure is on. The teams race from the City of Angels to the energetic streets of Bangkok, Thailand, in this episode, which sets the tone for an incredible season.

What happened in The Amazing Race season 35 episode 1?

The Amazing Race Season 35 kicks off with a bang, full of obstacles and thrills. The 13 teams begin their sprint to the airport from the Millennium Biltmore Hotel when they receive their first clue, which starts at the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles. The teams must navigate roofs on a precarious tightrope and unscramble letters to uncover their next location at the nerve-wracking “Who Wants to Be Above It All?” obstacle. The first six teams to clear this challenge get a ninety-minute advantage over the other teams.

As the teams depart for Bangkok, Thailand, to take on challenges at Wat Paknam and Wat Suthat, the action picks up speed. Teams must choose whether to eat a plate of fried exotic insects in order to obtain the Express Pass, a sought advantage in the race, which becomes a focal point. It’s a real tussle; some teams jump right into the assignment, while other teams choose to forego it entirely.

The Detour, “Sword Play,” offers the option of getting a standard massage or learning a Thai combat practice. As teams choose their courses, strategies take shape and the race turns into a contest of strength and stamina. The teams’ fates are decided at the pit stop at Wat Chaloem Phra Kiat Worawihan, where Jocelyn and Victor win first place and get to travel to Patagonia. But not everyone makes it out alive. With the last teams in the race anticipating the upcoming leg, the episode leaves viewers wanting more excitement and shocks.

Who was eliminated in The Amazing Race season 35 episode 1?

The-Amazing-Race-35 Alexandra and Sheridan Lichtor

The Chicago-born siblings Alexandra and Sheridan Lichtor’s adventure was cut short when they were the first team eliminated. Known for their unwavering synchronization, the Lichtor siblings encountered obstacles that forced them to step outside of their comfort zone. Choosing the more challenging Detour route, which involved learning the art of sword dancing, turned out to be a poor strategic decision. Their attempts to become proficient in martial arts proved to be the decisive factor in their elimination, as they trailed behind the group throughout the leg.

This early departure is a sobering reminder of how cruel The Amazing Race can be. In an event where flexibility and rapid thinking are critical, each team must strike a careful balance between taking risks and being cautious. Some teams, like Alexandra and Sheridan, find themselves on an unexpected and early voyage home, while other teams rocket to victory.

The Amazing Race’s 35 Remaining Contestants for Season 35

The surviving competitors prepare for the obstacles that lay ahead as the first leg comes to an end. The race is made more unpredictable by the diverse mix of teams, whose dynamics range from engaged couples to married couples to family duos.

A look at the remaining teams is provided below:

Married Couple Todd Martin and Ashlie Martin
Mother and daughter Elizabeth and Iliana Rivera
John and Greg Franklin are brothers.
Married couple Jocelyn Chao and Victor Limary
Engaged are Joe Moskowitz and Ian Todd.
Garrett Smith and Joel Strasser are best buddies.
The brothers Liam and Yeremi Hykel
Andrea Simpson and Malaina Hatcher are best friends.
The sisters Morgan and Lena Franklin
The father and son Rob and Corey McArthur
Chelsea Day and Robbin Tomich were childhood closest friends.
Father and daughter Steve Cargile and Anna Leigh Wilson

These teams’ varied dynamics created the ideal environment for a season full of surprising alliances, intense competition, and highs and lows in terms of emotions. Viewers can anticipate seeing the resiliency and tactics that will surface in each leg of The Amazing Race Season 35 as they continue their global trip.

The teams will face obstacles in Vietnam, India, Germany, Slovenia, Sweden, and Ireland in the next episodes, and they will finish their journey in Washington. The drama, suspense, and surprises in The Amazing Race Season 35 are sure to increase with the promise of ninety-minute episodes throughout the season, making it an essential viewing for fans of reality television. As the surviving competitors compete for the $1 million prize, get ready for an exciting trip as every leg brings them one step closer to triumph or the chance to be eliminated.

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