The Targaryen Civil War Explained: Who Wins The Dance Of The Dragons?

The Targaryen Civil War Explained: In the history of the Seven Kingdoms, the Dance of the Dragons was a significant civil battle. It is already being set up in House of the Dragon, even though it has only just started. The infamous struggle has already been hinted at as the issue of who will succeed King Viserys to the Iron Throne after he had previously named his daughter Rhaenyra as his heir has been highly disputed. It was confirmed that the governing Targaryen dynasty was subject to the law of male primogeniture as it has historically been applied in Westeros. Since the series’ future is now in focus for House of the Dragon fans, many are curious as to who will ultimately triumph in the Dance of the provides a comprehensive on this page.

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The question of succession after King Viserys’s death leads to the Dance of the Dragons. Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen, her former best friend-turned-stepmother Queen Alicent Hightower, and King Viserys’ brother Prince Daemon Targaryen are the main in HOTD’s Dance of the Dragons. Viserys named Rhaenyra as his successor after the death of his first wife, against women being heirs. Queen Alicent, the second wife of Viserys, gives him four additional children, including Aegon. Queen and the Lords of Westeros installed Aegon on the throne of Rhaenyra after the death of King Viserys. The Princess and Prince Daemon (Rhaenyra’s uncle and husband) retaliated, leading to a civil war in Westeros. Two sides of the Targaryen battle have dragons. Led into combat by their Targaryen and Velaryon-blooded riders, the dragons slay each other and become extinct after the war. Due to this loss and the brutal conflict’s human cost, determining who won is difficult. The Dance of Dragons was a calamity for practically everyone, even though the Targaryen dynasty stayed in power.

Factions in the Targaryen Civil War: Greens vs. Blacks

Factions in the Targaryen Civil War Greens - Blacks-

The Greens and the Blacks were the two opposing factions in the Dance of the Dragons HBO Following a tournament to commemorate Viserys’ marriage to Alicent Hightower’s fifth anniversary, each group received its name. Queen Alicent wears a Hightower green dress to a tournament, whereas Rhaenyra wears black and red. From that point on, Rhaenyra’s supporters were referred to as the Blacks and Alicent and her son Aegon’s supporters as the Greens. Queen Alicent’s Green group includes her father, Ser Otto Hightower, her children Aegon, Halaena, Aemond, and Daeron, Ser Criston Cole, and many of Westeros’ richest and most powerful households.

Aside from Rhaenyra, noteworthy Black supporters included Daemon Targaryen, Lord Corlys Verlaryon and his family, as well as Aegon the Younger and Viserys, children of Rhaenyra from her first marriage to Laenor Velaryon and her second marriage to Daemon.  Rhaenyra’s side has more dragons and dragonriders because they hold Dragonstone. After Rhaenyra and her half-brother, Aegon both tried to seize the Iron Throne for themselves, the Targaryen Civil War broke out.

Aegon’s supporters in King’s Landing acted rapidly to have him crowned as Aegon II after King Viserys passed away, keeping Rhaenyra out of the loop while she was away at Dragonstone getting ready for the birth of a child. When she eventually learned that Aegon II had been crowned, she hurriedly planned her own coronation to assert her right to the Iron Throne. However, Aegon and his supporters refused to acknowledge Rhaenyra’s claim to the throne, and soon an all-out war broke out.

HOTD: Who won The Dance Of The Dragons?

Although both Rhaenyra and Aegon II perished in the conflict. Throughout the Dance of the Dragons, the balance of power changes a number of times. Following the Blacks’ successful capture of King’s Landing and her eventual accession to the Iron Throne, it initially appears as though Rhaenyra will prevail in the battle. The popular wife and sister of Aegon II, Helaena Targaryen, passed away at King’s Landing, which led to an uprising in the capital as the war dragged on.  Rhaenyra was able to escape to Dragonstone, but once she arrived at the Targaryen stronghold, one of her supporters betrayed her and handed her up to Aegon. When King Aegon II has Rhaenyra burned and devoured by his dragon, Sunfyre, he has practically won the war. And later he ordered that history should reflect that Rhaenyra was never the legitimate ruler of Westeros.

Although Rhaenyra was killed, her supporters continued to battle, so the conflict didn’t finish. Rhaenyra’s death doesn’t halt Lord Cregan Stark’s reinforcements from the North. He’s been gravely maimed at the Dance of the Dragons. When the Blacks’ soldiers finally started closing in on Aegon II at King’s Landing, he had very few defenses and many of his allies tried to convince him to give up and join the Night’s Watch, but he resisted. After consuming poisoned wine, the weak and resentful King Aegon II was subsequently discovered dead. Despite the fact that 22 persons were detained on suspicion of murdering the monarch. it is unknown who poisoned him. It is believed he was assassinated by his counsellors. The Dance of the Dragons came to a conclusion when Aegon II passed away, and because Rhaenyra’s son Aegon the Younger was anointed King Aegon III, Rhaenyra’s side was ultimately victorious despite the brutal and devastating battle that took place along the way.

The majority of the dragons, Prince Daemon, Queen Rhaenyra, Lady Rhaenys, Queen Helaena, and her children, Aemond, Daeron, and all three of Rhaenyra’s children from her first marriage perish during the Dance of the Dragons. It was difficult to determine who had won the war due to the terrible harm done to House Targaryen. Technically speaking, neither side that initiated the war was victorious because both claimants perished in the conflict. The fact that all of Alicent’s children died in the Dance indicates that Rhaenyra’s bloodline prevailed.  Luckily, Aegon III and his descendants continued to grow the family via their numerous offspring, though never again to the same levels as before the battle.

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