The Resident Season 6 Episode 5: Conrad meets an ER patient from his past

The Resident Season 6 Episode 5: Conrad meets an ER patient from his past

The Resident Season 6 Episode 5 will release on October 18, 2022, at 8/7c on Fox. When Conrad (Matt Czuchry) recognizes an emergency room patient as someone he cared for while he was an intern. 

In The Resident Season 6 Episode 4  Conrad requested Devon to replace his shift so he could spend the day with an apprehensive Gigi at home. Devon was in a scary scenario somewhere else. Devon and Leela discuss their day. Conrad is present when Gigi obtains a new belt during her Taekwondo class. A Jane Doe NICU patient needed emergency care but Ian was having personal problems. Was Ian able to make the procedure successful? (Read The Resident Season 6 Episode 4 Recap below) has a promo for The Resident Season 6 Episode 5 below. As a result, you’ll be able to mentally prepare yourself for the next episode.

The Resident Season 6 Episode 5 Recap
[The milestone 100th Episode] The Resident Season 6 Episode 6: Wedding day of Kit and Bell

The Resident Season 6 Episode 5 Spoilers

The Resident Season 6 Episode 5, titled “A River in Egypt,” will once again put Devon at the forefront of the action. This will be the second week in a row that this will occur. This time around, he is going to have to deal with a patient who is attempting to play God. How is it possible to persuade someone that they will not survive death when they are so confident that they will? In the meantime, Conrad Hawkins will have to deal with a person from his past. Conrad is going to see a patient again who he cared for back when he was an intern, and he will do so here.  Both doctors will be faced with difficult cases, which will most likely result in an increase in the level of turmoil in Chastain.  Go ahead and read out the complete synopsis for The Resident season 6 episode 5 to gain a few more details today about what you could see: Including promo

The Resident Season 6 Episode 5 Promo

The Resident Episode 6.05 Synopsis: A college professor comes into the ER and Conrad realizes it’s a former patient of his from when he was an intern. Meanwhile, Devon ends up admitting a man – who swears by an anti-aging regimen that he thinks is the answer to eternal life – into the hospital after he collapses.

We are coming closer and closer to the historic 100th episode, which will also have a significant landmark because Bell and Kit are going to get married in it. The Resident Season 6 Episode 5 “For Better or Worse,” directed by Manish Dayal will release on On October 25, 2022.

The Resident Season 6 Episode 5 Cast

Cast: Matt Czuchry as Conrad Hawkins; Bruce Greenwood as Dr. Randolph Bell; Manish Dayal as Devon Pravesh; Malcolm-Jamal Warner as AJ Austin; Jane Leeves as Dr. Kit Voss; Jessica Lucas as Billie Sutton; Anuja Joshi as Leela Devi; Kaley Ronayne as Dr. Kincaid Sullivan; Andrew McCarthy as Dr. Ian Sullivan.

The Resident Season 6 Episode 4 Recap

Conrad hears Gigi coughing and checks on her upstairs. She claims to have a cold. Conrad says she has Ferris Bueller syndrome, which makes kids hate school. She quits Taekwondo. Ian shakes and clutches his chest in the hospital elevator. Tabitha calls his eyes dark. Drops are just an annual eye exam, he says. She says her cousin had those eyes during their withdrawal. She denies his request to move his drug test. Diana, a 21-year-old patient, questions Cade about her late-night-born baby. Diana blames herself for her baby’s misery because they won’t let her see her. She wants clean. Cade advises controlling the infection initially. Conrad tells Devon that Gigi needs tough love. Irving tells Devon about Marty, a fellow geek patient. She fell. He says he wants to understand her myasthenia flare. Padma and the babies are let home. Ian takes up a sobbing infant to calm her, but he gets sick and has to run. Ian wants to delay surgery until after 4 pm because he is detoxing for the drug test. Billie says the infant needs surgery immediately.

Ian returns to his office, finds up how to buy a urine sample online, and pays $62.39. Ian tells Diane that her baby requires surgery to remove a fluid bag on the back. Cade interrupts his harshness. Diana’s heroin addiction upsets Ian outside the room. Devon tells Leela about his myasthenia. He thinks they treated the incorrect thing and her treatment failed. He visits Marty to say he wants to step back. Maybe she was misdiagnosed. She’ll test again. Diana is in shock, angry, and going through withdrawal. Cade is there. Billie advises Devon about his patient. Ian gets an irate message that his pee sample will arrive at 5:45 pm at 2:45 pm. Bille is testing Marty when Irving walks by and is astonished since she has myasthenia. Irving opposes it, but Devon claims he is helping his patient. Devon informs Conrad. Conrad advises him to trust his gut. Devon thinks Marty has lung cancer after an MRI shows a tumour. Ian collapses and has hazy vision. Baby Jane is heading to the ER, Bille explains. Ian tells her to start alone. Ian gets to his test at 4 pm and discovers the technician is late, nearly losing it. He hurries to his office to retrieve his medicines when Billie tells him to go to surgery.

Cade enters his office and expresses concern about his recent behaviour. He loses it and calls her a disappointment. Ian takes medicines. Ian arrives in surgery and Billie asks where he has been. Billie urges him to recover. Leela saves Diana during surgery. Ian comforts Billie during surgery. Billie says he’s responsible if Jane dies. Devon informs Marty she has cancer and was mistreated. They can now combat cancer. Fighting could give her some independence. Billie tells Ian she shouldn’t have had to do what she did after surgery. Ian goes to the lab for his test and hears a man in his room asking for help. Ian offers to drain his urine bottle. Ian passed his test using someone else’s sample. Diana inquires about Cade. Cade said she had her spleen removed but should be OK. Diana wants out. Cade informs her she is in withdrawal and has a long path ahead. No baby till she’s clean. Ian buys urine, locks it in his workplace desk drawer, and smiles. Conrad watches Gigi get a new belt in Taekwondo.

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