The Good Doctor Season 6 Episode 14 Returns on Feb 27 – Watch the Promo

In Episode 13 of Season 6 of The Good Doctor, however, Shaun became overly preoccupied with the possibility that he and Lea would drift apart following the birth of their child. After hearing the parents of a young patient argue about their child’s lifestyle choices, Shaun made a broad generalization, as is his wont. On the other hand, Asher wasted the better part of an hour bothering Lea when she had more pressing matters to attend to. The mystery surrounding the patient Ricky was intriguing in its own right, but it paled in comparison to Shaun’s worries about his future with Lea. Whenever there was some bad news about Ricky’s prognosis, a fight would break out between their parents Victor and Shelley, which would then make Shaun nervous.  Shaun couldn’t draw any conclusions about how having children might alter their marriage. Dr. Glassman grievously searches among the ashes of his burned-down home. In another case, The surgery was successfully performed by Lim, and the girl woke up and is able to breathe on her own. Do you want to know when you can watch The Good Doctor season 6 episode 14? or do you want to know more about what’s to come? The latest information regarding the upcoming episode fourteenth of The Good Doctor season sixth may be found here (at

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The Good Doctor Season 6 Episode 14 Spoilers

There will not be a new episode aired the following week.. what is ahead, but based on our previous experiences, we can confidently predict that it will be jam-packed with dramatic sequences and even some humorous moments here and there. Shaun and Lea are getting ready to become parents and the fact that this is going to be a part of their story. However, there will also be some conflicts originating from the outside world popping up here and there.  In the upcoming episode titled “Hard Heart,”  A three-year-old boy who has been five months since he had a stroke and struck his head. they are able to resolve the issue with fascinating brain surgery. The fact that Dr. Shaun Murphy’s analysis of the underlying reason does not provide a solution to the issue compels Dr. Park to investigate the matter further. You can read the complete plot summary for The Good Doctor season 6 episode 14  down below, which includes additional information about what’s to come:

The Good Doctor [S06E14] Promo

The Good Doctor Episode 6.14 Synopsis:  When a 3-year-old arrives at the ER, the team immediately recognizes he is having a stroke. However, Dr. Shaun Murphy’s diagnosis of the underlying cause doesn’t solve the problem which has Dr. Park searching deeper.

The Good Doctor Season 6 Episode 14 Release Date

ABC will air The Good Doctor Season 6 Episode 14 on February 27, 2023, at (10:00-11:00 p.m. EDT), on ABC.   Hulu has previous Seasons accessible to view. The show is available to stream on Hulu and ABC’s official websites. The show is also accessible on a variety of streaming TV services. For those residing outside of the United States, The Good Doctor is available on Netflix. Hulu with Live TV and YouTube TV are two platforms that allow consumers to stream live television. Seasons 1 to 5 are also available for purchase on Amazon Prime Video, either by the episode or by the season.

The Good Doctor Season 6 Episode 13 Recap

As the episode of The Good Doctor opens, Shaun is already planning for his son’s future by researching potential universities online. He assures Lea that their offspring would most likely be exceptionally bright. While Lea acknowledges that Glassman has appeared down since the loss of his home, she notes that he has not let his sadness affect his work.   At the hospital,  Asher and Daniel addressed a patient who had been bitten by ticks. They needed Shaun for help, and a patient’s father, Victor, wants a second opinion. As Ricky’s parents argue, the father accuses the mother of irresponsibility for prioritizing entertainment above precaution. Shaun saw the parents’ conflicting perspectives on how to care for their infant and pondered whether or not they would behave similarly if they had a newborn. Shaun wonders where their romance will go from here. While Ricky is having seizures, Shaun begins the operation. Even though it could be harmful, Shaun places another order for propyl. The third option is to perform a partial lobotomy on the patient. Ricky is conscious, he recalls his name, and he recalls what transpired at the camp.

Lea brings some food to Glassman as she makes her way to the wreckage. Glassman painted his nails with Maddie’s nail polish because he found a bottle of it. He claims that Maddie had done his manicure at some point. The home held a great deal of sentimental value for its inhabitants. He continues to regale her with his tales of Maddie. He assures her that everything is alright and suggests that she chat with Shaun. she responds that she is aware of this but that doing so would be more difficult. Although Dr. Lim’s tale was tragic, it was finished with a miraculous twist. A lung transplant is needed for one of Lim’s long-term patients. When Lim first saw the girl, she didn’t think she would make it through the night. Now, ten years later, she is still alive and well. She was resilient and had already triumphed against all obstacles, so there was hope for her future. Lim’s attention is still focused on the lungs. They can be put to good use. The mother is ready to have the procedure done now. This girl needed to be reminded that she was a fighter, and so she got it. After arriving at the residence, Shaun goes inside and finds Lea and Aaron already seated at the table. Lea suggests to Shaun that they have a conversation. After telling her the number 39, he takes his pinky and holds hers, at which point the baby kicks. Lea can feel the baby kick. She gives Glassman access to her emotions as well.  After that, Glassman utters the phrase, “let’s go home.”

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