SWAT Season 5 Episode 22 Finale Recap: “Goodbye” Chris

Aaron Rahsaan Thomas and Shawn Ryan created the hard-hitting US police procedural action-drama TV series S.W.A.T.  It follows a police sergeant who leads a highly-trained team tasked with combating Los Angeles’ most vicious criminal gangs. SWAT Season 5 came to a close on Sunday night with the departure of Chris (Lina Esco) after spending the night with Street for the first time.

Is Lina Esco leaving SWAT? Why did Lina Esco leave SWAT?

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The final episode titled “Farewell” begins with, Jim Street awoke to find his ideal girl in his bed. He’s had a long-standing crush on Chris. He was relieved that she had finally expressed her affections for him and that the two had finally shared a bed. Chris attempted to flee before Luca returned home, but Luca arrived early and discovered the two of them together, and he was overjoyed for them. He even wants to give them a high-five. That one had to be turned off by Chris. She also told him not to tell anyone because it was Chris’s last day, and she and Street didn’t want rumors to mar it. They planned to be upfront about their relationship, so they officially ended their collaboration. Not previously. Chris and Street simply wanted her final day to be memorable.

Later, the crew was dispatched to a tense situation at a college chemistry lab. Someone who had been sacked during a disciplinary hearing returned for vengeance, forcing the class to develop hazardous bombs capable of killing thousands. He then withdrew with the others, leaving the case and their professor with one of the bombs. However, SWAT arrived on the spot. They rescued the victims who had been left for dead by the killer. They received word from the professor who was responsible for this. Joseph Reid was his name. He forced the others to construct a nerve gas that required one more component. The hospital had that component on hand.

The group proceeded to the hospital. Several of their belongings had been stolen, and surveillance footage revealed that Reid’s roommate was the one assisting him. This was discovered about the same time the team began looking for Reid. Instead, they found the roommate, who attempted to spray them but only managed to spray himself. Meanwhile, Reid was eluding capture, and he wasn’t the only one. He had an entire crew working on this nerve gas with him. They were most likely preparing for a terrorist assault. Hondo notified his colleagues of what he discovered in the hospital, warning them that the amount of poison they were preparing could kill thousands.

This was much bigger than university students becoming irritated. The question was why these young men were contemplating a terrorist act. What were they thinking? Reid was British, with an Afghani mother and a British father. He used to go between the two nations on a regular basis. When America’s troops left Afghanistan, he still had family there. The Taliban killed Reid’s family in Afghanistan for supporting the Americans as interpreters. Reid has many reasons to be enraged at the United States. It didn’t help matters when he was booted out of the Ph.D. program when his grades began to drop. So Reid sought out like-minded individuals.

Reid discovered others who had lost loved ones in Afghanistan. One of his roommates was killed while serving overseas, and the war did not end in victory for their side. Reid then proceeded to murder the other roommate who disagreed with his objectives. He did, however, find a third member who agreed. A fourth individual was also present. Reid worked for an organization. They were all seeking vengeance on Americans for the events of the Afghan war. When one of the men implicated tried to launch a chemical attack on a Marine recruitment building, Hondo and his squad discovered him. As a result, Hondo made the man stay in the building without putting on a mask in order to figure out where the gas was hidden.

The terrorist handed up his hiding place. They were able to locate it and replace the cap. Reid, on the other hand, wasn’t content with only visiting one website. They communicated with Reid using his friend’s burner. They informed him that the scheme had failed, and he stated that everyone would be held responsible. Everyone who welcomed his uncle but left him to be slaughtered by the Taliban will pay the price. The uncle served as a translator. The crew discovered the military unit he was aiding and that unit was currently stationed in Los Angeles. They decided to meet on the Queen Victoria ship to observe Fleet Week. Nichelle was another passenger on board.

Nichelle informed Hondo that she was enrolling in a class to learn more about the ship. Hondo couldn’t reach her, so he called his father to confirm that she had boarded the boat. She did, according to his father. He also informed Hondo that Nichelle was expecting a child. He had detected anxiety in his son’s voice and wanted to alert him to the possibility that Nichelle was in danger. As a result, Hondo dashed in to save his pregnant lover. He came across Reid and his final accomplice. Both guys were apprehended, but not before Reid rammed one of the gas tanks into the ship’s framework. As a result, Hondo and Luca pursued it. Luca was exposed to the gas, but Hondo had an antidote on him and was able to prevent the gas from killing him.

Overall, Chris had an incredible last day. Her rifle and badge were eventually returned to her. She also went out for drinks with the crew, when they discovered that Luca would be the godfather of baby Hondo.

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