Is Wes still alive? Is Colby Hollman still in Fear the Walking Dead?

Fear the Walking Dead season 7, Episode 14, “Divine Providence,” appears to be a Strand and Alicia-centric episode at first appearance. They reach an agreement on the struggle for the Tower. In exchange for the safety of his followers, Alicia accepts to stay with him in his refuge. Wes, with the help of Strand’s rangers, tries to kill him and Alicia, setting the stage for potentially fatal results. So, is Wes no longer alive?

Is Wes still alive in Fear the Walking Dead Season 7?

Yes, Wes is no longer alive. When Wes finds that Alicia and her supporters have been deceiving others, he joins Strand. When the group is plagued by lies and manipulations, he doesn’t want to fight for her army. Strand, he believes, is an honest man who stands by his dreams and objectives, no matter how horrible they are. The plot revolves around Strand’s desire to keep Alicia at the Tower since she may be dying. Wes believes his leader is jeopardizing the safety of his shelter for Alicia because of Strand’s activities. He feels responsible and, with the help of Strand’s rangers, turns against him. Even though Strand wants it, Wes doesn’t want to endanger the Tower’s stability by welcoming Alicia and her entourage. Strand, he believes, does not deserve to be the sanctuary’s leader if he prioritizes Alicia over the Tower he constructed.

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Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 14 Recap: Who kills Wes

Because Alicia and Strand do not listen to him, he goes after them to kill them. Strand kills Wes by stabbing him with a sword while holding Alicia at gunpoint. Strand kills Wes without giving him the chance to change his mind because he is afraid he would kill Alicia.  Strand and Alicia is altered after Wes’ death. Alicia originally believes she can persuade Wes to admit her and her followers into the Tower by changing his mind. She thinks she has a shot because she has already saved his life. Strand, on the other hand, disagrees. To neutralize his menace, he kills him right away. Strand’s actions convince Alicia that he will never change and will always be a selfish individual. If the Tower’s leader had waited a little longer, giving Alicia ample opportunity to reason with Wes, the latter might not have died.

Since Wes’ death, fans of the character and program must be wondering if Colby Hollman has left the horror series. Let’s discuss the solution!

Is Colby Hollman still in Fear the Walking Dead?

Colby Hollman does an excellent job conveying Wes’ character assassination, but the writing doesn’t provide him with any backing. Despite the fact that neither AMC nor Colby Hollman has confirmed the actor’s departure, Wes’ death suggests that his tenure on ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ was coming to an end. Hollman most certainly left the show after the events of the fourteenth episode of season 7 appear to complete the character’s arc. Given the rarity of Wes appearing in any other character’s dreams or visions, there appears to be no way for Hollman to return in the show’s plot. Hollman’s Wes has played an important role in the show’s plot since the fifth season. In the future episodes, Wes’ death is predicted to have an impact on Alicia and Strand’s life. Even though we may never see Hollman again, we can anticipate how his death will further split Alicia and Strand in the face of grave danger.

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