SurrealEstate Season 1 Episode 6: “Roman’s Six” Release Date

SurrealEstate Season 1
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In SurrealEstate Season 1 Episode 5, we visit Cortona House, 19 Broadmoor Avenue. Subsequently, it becomes clear that our attempt to peek into Luke’s future has been a complete failure. It appears that Luke is forced to confront his past demons at every turn, no matter how inclined he is to flee from them. Sadly, Luke still needs an explanation from his mother. He will never be able to get away from the pain inflicted on him. Fans are eager to know the new episode, to know what is going to happen next. For this, we have to move forward. SurrealEstate Season 1 Episode 6 is titled “Roman’s Six” you can check out the photos and synopsis at Along with this, you can also read the recap of the SurrealEstate Season 1 Episode 5.

SurrealEstate Episode 6 Synopsis: The Roman Agency steps in when the visitors to a competitor’s Open House are murdered one by one.

SurrealEstate Episode 7 Release Date

SurrealEstate Episode 6 Recap

SurrealEstate Episode 6 Release Date

SurrealEstate’s sixth episode will air Every Friday, August 20th at 10 p.m. ET. on SYFY. T SurrealEstate will also be available on and the SYFY app.  Viewers can connect to their cable subscriptions to view the full content or sign up to an NBCUniversal account to get up to three credits.

SurrealEstate Episode 5 Recap

Damon is recording his new album there. Tessa, the rental girl, dislikes The Roman Agency. She thinks they’re amateur. The mansion belonged to Russell, a long-haired man who died and gave it to his great-niece. Luke sells it with everything he has, excluding the extras that came with the house. The house is possessed by Russell. A slinky coming down the stairs reveals Luke’s youth. That was before Russell. Phil asks the Catholics about it. Yasmin greets Phil. She’s heard tales of him. He drank. She’d like to aid Phil.

A youngster sings. Luke yells and he left. Luke searches beneath surrounding furniture but doesn’t find anyone. Damon is ecstatic to be here. He thought he was in another life. Damon freaks out when he hears a youngster on the tape. Susan has come to help Mr. Mo cook for Damon. The Cortona home is named after the unwed mother and prostitute patron saint. Talking to her reminded Phil of a recent event. A young girl ghost. Mozart’s Requiem played. It astonished him and helped.

While Susan and the musicians eat, the kid asks Damon to play. Examining the adoption files makes Phil sad. Tessa wakes up to find thousands of Army guys everywhere. Damon’s brother thinks he did it to avoid her rushing him out. Phil describes what the house did, allowing women to give birth and then put them up for adoption. The house only ever housed children who couldn’t be adopted. They learn from Phil’s photos that a small kid resided there until 1970 when he vanished.

Damon feels the house reminds him of his boyhood, but then George the orphan enters and causes havoc. Phil shares a private moment with Sister Mary Ellen about the unwed mothers’ home, and she lights a candle for George, his mother, and all unwed mothers. Luke helps George into the light, but he’s reminded of his mother’s absence.

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