SurrealEstate Season 1 Episode 7: Quarantine – Release Date

SurrealEstate Season 1
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In this previous episode of SurrealEstate, the members of the Roman Agency realize that they are going to be dealing with a very special kind of monster. Luke and his team solve the mystery of the homicidal house. Fans are eager to know the new episode, to know what is going to happen next. For this, we have to move forward. SurrealEstate Season 1 Episode 6 is titled “Quarantine” you can check out the synopsis at Along with this, you can also read the recap of the SurrealEstate Season 1 Episode 6.

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SurrealEstate Episode 7 Recap

SurrealEstate Episode 7 Synopsis: The team locks down in the office to isolate and destroy a murderous demon that followed them home.

SurrealEstate Episode 7 Release Date

SurrealEstate’s seventh episode will air Every Friday, August 27th at 10 p.m. ET. on SYFY. T SurrealEstate will also be available on and the SYFY app.  Viewers can connect to their cable subscriptions to view the full content or sign up to an NBCUniversal account to get up to three credits.

SurrealEstate  Episode 6 Recap

While taking out Rita Weiss’s board, a man dies. In his eyes the branch of a tree looks like in his eyes. Two men linked to Rita Weiss’s estate are killed in some sort of freak accident. One woman lands first on her knitting needles; And another woman who was on her way to her car was stopped by an arrowhead that ended in her eye socket. In addition, owner Katherine Owens is currently serving a prison sentence. However, he has the option to declare his innocence.

After obtaining the Open House guest register, “Father” Phil and Zooey reach a surprising conclusion: not only is this intentional murder, but it is being held three days apart. Luke goes to talk with Katherine while in captivity, because he believes she is innocent. She explains that her stint was drawn through the eyes by her cello bow, which was wrapped in her fingerprints while riding her bike down the river.

Despite the fact that the floor appears to be precise, Catherine proceeds to tap her middle finger with metronomic precision throughout the discussion. Meanwhile, as Phil puts it, “father” Phil insists on the next look-a-loo on the guest book. According to Phil, a janitor is “a highly organized devil who does very terrible things in a very precise order.”

Luke returns to prison and receives a phone call from Phil. Margaret Hayward, 16, died in a bizarre accident during a school trip in 1969. She had been named First Position Cello in her school orchestra three days earlier; The second chair went to her best friend, Katherine Owens. When Luke confronts Margaret about the horrific incident, Megan visits Owens’ estate, but she leaves behind an almost invalid signature that took the Roman agency three days to decode.

Luke can keep Megan safe from Katherine’s murderous violence. Megan runs away from the office and starts booking in front of a nearby construction site; Megan trips up and hits Rebar’s entire mess. In prison, a devastated Luke asks Katherine for answers. She gives only one unsatisfactory answer: she has no intention of interfering in his remote mass murder. He’s not sure how Megan is still alive. The creepy dancing macabre turned out to be nothing more than a clever trick, a performance designed to appease Catherine’s wrath while keeping Megan safe from any real danger. The team prepared the entire plan in advance, from the spectacles to the role of the construction workers.

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