Succession’s Season 3 Finale Recap – All The Bells Say

Following last week’s last episode, Succession’s Season 3 finale ties up loose ends and forges new routes. With his grandchildren, Logan (Brian Cox) reads stories and reassures them that their father Kendall (Jeremy Strong) is well after nearly drowning in a pool.

As Greg (Nicholas Braun), Shiv (Sarah Snook), Tom (Matthew Macfadyen), Connor (Alan Ruck), and Willa (Justine Lupe) arrive, they discover Greg, Shiv, Tom, Connor, and Willa are all playing Monopoly nearby. Roman brings up Connor’s proposal and pushes Willa to say “yes.” Willa accuses Shiv of cheating in the game before Comfry (Dasha Nekrasova) comes and tells Kendall will be joining them shortly. Kendall’s story was never taken up by the media, preventing any unwelcome headlines. When Kendall eventually enters the backyard, he says he doesn’t want all the attention.

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Despite his apathy, Connor acknowledges they are worried about Kendall. Afraid about leaving his kids with Logan, Kendall says he may or may not attend their mother Caroline’s (Harriet Walter) wedding. Kendall claims he’s in talks for a Vanity Fair feature and wants to work with new lawyers in his case against Logan before leaving the backyard. The table hears from Gerri that Logan is on the phone, that Waystar will have to pay a devastating legal charge, and that GoJo’s cap has officially surpassed Waystar. Logan tells everyone he’s going to meet Lukas Matsson (Alexander Skarsgrd) in-person to sort out the situation.

To get to Matsson’s home, Roman takes a boat with Logan and Kerry (Zo Winters), during which Logan asks his son about his revealing text from the previous episode. Logan simply urges Roman to figure things out, adding, “I don’t want to know.” Logan asks Matsson if they’re going ahead with the merger. The Swede confesses he’s hesitant since Waystar is in trouble, but GoJo’s tech could save it. So what? And Matsson wants the reins.

Logan initially says “f**k off,” but Matsson emphasizes that he hasn’t punched him. Mattson proposes brainstorming while munching, but Logan prefers to do this alone since Roman is away for Caroline’s wedding. Roman returns to the wedding celebration to talk to Shiv and Connor about Kendall. They tell their sibling they love him and wish him well. On hearing that this is an intervention, he becomes defensive and insists that his siblings all need one.

Kendall claims he has always had good intentions for the firm and that none of them know what it is like to be the eldest son and have your future stolen. This irritates Connor, who yells that he is the eldest son and that no one respects him. He smacks Kendall in the face before walking away. Later, he expresses his disappointments to Willa, mentioning losing Waystar, the presidency, and her. Willa, moved by Connor’s sadness, says “f**k it” and agrees to marry him. As Frank (Peter Friedman), Karl (David Rasche) and other team members arrive, Logan begins building up a work base elsewhere. Shiv worries about their mother’s soon-to-be husband and asks Roman if Logan will be there. Greg asks Tom for a ride while he tries to meet up with the royal attendee he’s been conversing with.

Back at Waystar, Kerry takes care of Logan as Marcia (Hiam Abbass) wishes him well at the wedding. Kendall nearly makes it to the ceremony, but Caroline urges Peter (Pip Torrens) to be okay without her.Shiv sneers at Roman, and Greg keeps up his new two-timing methods. Shiv speaks after the ceremony about how there is no one like her mother, but the Roy kids are more concerned about their surroundings. After Marcia leaves, Connor informs Roman and Shiv about Logan’s new preoccupation with nuts, stating he’s attempting to increase his virility to have a baby.

This news causes Tom to bring up his and Shiv’s wish to conceive a family, which Roman reacts to with surprise, saying she’ll never do. Gerri interrupts the ribbing to say Matsson’s financial team has flown in, and Greg has been receiving calls from assistants, implying something major is about to occur. Roman interrupts Greg’s canoodling to discover more about these chats, noting that some people are concerned about GoJo and Waystar’s dealmaking. Roman is displeased as he sees Kerry say something to Gerri before leaving the gathering. Asked what she said to Gerri, Kerry is blank. As the gaslighting proceeds, Roman resolves to tell Shiv what he knows about GoJo buying Waystar.

Shiv gets roused and approaches Kendall for a discussion. Initially hesitant, Kendall is compelled by her anxious need to join her and Roman for a talk. But before any business chat can begin, Kendall sobs and says something is wrong with him and his kids. He has no idea how that happened, but he did his best. It was the caterer at Shiv’s wedding that he killed, he informs his siblings. Roman and Shiv are both astonished and comforted by their brother’s actions and strive to help him in their own odd ways. Kendall claims he’s been lonely and a killer, but Roman disagrees. Shiv reveals that she has received word that the agreement with GoJo is done.

Kendall, Roman, and Shiv decide to fly to Logan’s base, despite Roman’s hesitation and begin planning their next move. Kendall tells them that as part of their mother’s divorce arrangement with Logan, they have a vote on whether or not this deal can go through. They start making calls and Shiv tells Tom about the problem; he asks if their actions would affect his position; her cryptic response doesn’t help, but he wishes her luck anyhow. Soon after, Tom is approached by Greg, who admits he likes the royal. Tom tells Greg that he’s going to need an attack dog and invites him to join him. When Greg asks for further information, Tom denies it, but promises him a better job and says Greg can have his own Greg.

Greg excitedly accepts the offer as Tom reminds him that he is the only one who has ever had his back. Greg makes a deal with the devil because he doesn’t need a soul anyway. But what type of deal are they making? Astonished by their presence at the Waystar headquarters, Logan agrees to talk but does not want Kendall there. Logan is honest with Roman, Shiv, and their brother. When they implore him not to make a bargain, he says it’s beneficial for them to learn and that Matsson will keep them if they pass his grading process. The youngsters aren’t fooled, knowing they’ll be outed if things go well. With the supermajority scenario, Logan loses it and declares he has his kids beat and is making a killing. Is she still on the line? He reveals he’s been on the phone with Caroline, revising their divorce arrangement to exclude the kids from voting. Caroline thinks it’ll be good for them, but it’s too late now.

Caroline’s wedding is full of drama. Roman implores Logan to stop. It works, Logan says, adding “I win” to the defeat of his kids. But how could Logan know? Tom appears exactly behind Kendall, Roman, and Shiv, revealing his earlier agreement with the devil with Greg. So, Tom? Que signifiera cela ultérieur No one knows. But Tom pulling the trigger this time is a surprise.

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