Succession Season 4 Production has Begun-Mark Mylod Directed the First Episode

Succession_ Season 3

Yes, Succession season 4 is now in production. Although we are aware that it will be some time until new episodes appear, it is comforting to hear that some work is still being done. Most likely, you won’t be seeing many images of the cast and crew on location, at least not from an official source.

But You can see a first photo below from the show’s official Twitter account confirming Mark Mylod’s return to directing for the premiere. Given that he was the director of several major episodes throughout the course of the series, including the season 3 premiere and finale, this comes as no surprise. He has also directed episodes of several other high-profile TV programs, such as Shameless, The Affair, and GOT.

HBO is notoriously silent about the majority of their shows, and we have no doubts that this will again be the case with this one. We’ll be open to any film that can set up some of the plots ahead, but right now the main thing we’re asking for is just a teaser for a little later this year.

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