Succession Season 4 Episode 8 [Promo] “America Decides”- Election Night

The Roy siblings continue to deal with the aftermath of the incidents around the investor’s one-day meeting and the impending takeover of GoJo in the seventh episode of Season 4 of Succession. The greater part of Episode 7 is set during a party in Shiv (Sarah Snook) and Tom’s apartment, where affluent people and Waystar Royco employees congregate to tailgate the election. However, the CEO of GoJo, Lukas Matsson (Alexander Skarsgrd), walks up unannounced. He makes a surprise appearance at Kendall’s tailgate party, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats. In the upcoming episode of Succession, tensions rise as the Roys face off against each other on election night. Watch as the family engages in a fierce battle for power and control. Following the airing of the seventh episode of Succession’s fourth season on HBO, a tantalizing trailer for the upcoming episode was unveiled and subsequently posted on

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Succession Season 4 Episode 8

In the upcoming episode 8 of Succession season 4, viewers can expect a tumultuous election night as Kendall (Jeremy Strong), Roman (Kieran Culkin), and Shiv weigh the potential fallout of the outcome. In the upcoming episode of Succession, season 4, episode 8, titled “America Decides,” the action returns to LA for the highly-anticipated Waystar-Royco Investor Day. As the newly-appointed co-CEOs, Roman and Kendall take the stage and make a bold move by going rogue. In a dramatic turn of events, the former character takes impulsive action and fires anyone who crosses their path.

In the sixth episode of the final season, the cunning latter characterizes an extravagant Living+ presentation, complete with deceitful projections, that effectively propels Waystar stock to new heights and complicates Matsson’s acquisition plans. In the meantime, Shiv endeavors to manipulate Lukas and her siblings like a puppet master, all while reigniting her romantic liaison with Tom. Want to know a couple more specifics right away in the future? See below for a summary of Succession Season 4 episode 8.

Succession S4E8 Summary: On election night, Tom tries to manage an increasingly chaotic newsroom, while Kendall, Shiv, and Roman spar over the consequences of the result – for themselves, the company, and the country.

The election night is something that Mencken, Connor, and other protagonists have been teasing us about for most of the seasons. Only two more episodes remain once this one airs. There may be a few other shocks that play out before it concludes, but it is a crucial event that has the power to completely change the future. Don’t miss the drama unfolding in Season 4, Episode 8.  

Succession Season 4 Episode 8: When Will It Air on HBO and HBO Max?

Succession Season 4 Episode 8 airs on HBO and HBO Max on May 14 at 9:00 and 10:00 p.m. ET. There will be rebroadcasts at 10:01 and 11:37 p.m. ET.

Follow These Steps to Catch the Final Episode of Succession on HBO and HBO GO! Max:

Access to all of HBO, plus additional movies, TV shows, and Max Originals is yours for $9.99 a month (with ads) or $14.99 a month (ad-free) (or $99.99 / $149.99 annually). If you’re an HBO subscriber, you can stream your favorite shows and movies with HBO Max on devices like Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast, and Android TV. Hulu with Live TV ($69.99) and YouTube TV ($72.99) both offer live TV for an additional $15 per month.

Where can I find Succession [S4xE8] if I live in the UK?

Succession will follow the pattern of most HBO shows by debuting in the UK on Sky TV and NOW the day following its US debut. That means you can watch the launch of the new episode on Sky Atlantic on May 15 at 9 p.m.Sky TV subscribers will need to download the Sky Go app in order to watch this and other VOD shows. Sky TV with an 18-month commitment is £26 per month, and it comes with Netflix at no extra cost. NOW subscribers must upgrade to the £9.99/month Entertainment plan.

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