Succession Season 4: What is Living Plus?

The first half of the fourth and final season of Succession has been quite the roller coaster. Many shocking revelations have already been made. Succession Season 4 episode 6 ups the ante considerably, as it alters the show’s trajectory in numerous significant ways. The Roy family and their huge multimedia empire, Waystar Royco, are brought to a satisfying conclusion in Season 4 of the HBO comedy-drama Succession.

Succession Season 4 Episode 7 [Tailgate Party] Celebrates Kendall’s Product Launch

Season 4 of Succession has concluded, and with the death of Logan Roy (Brian Cox), Kendall, and Roman are still trying to manage the GoJo acquisition and are preparing for their first investor day meeting in Season 4, Episode 6 of Succession. In the sixth episode of Succession, Kendall is in charge of formally introducing the Roys’ new product to their annual investor conference. If you watched the most recent episode of Succession and found yourself wondering what Living+ is, you are not alone in those thoughts. So, what exactly is this Living+?  here it is (

In Succession, what does Living Plus do?

Season 4 episode 6 of ‘Succession’ introduced the Waystar RoyCo, which produces the Living Plus. Logan came up with the idea for Living+, Waystar’s real estate brand, and he was working on it right up until his death. He was planning to establish LivingPlus as one of the country’s most prestigious housing projects before his unexpected death. However, after Logan’s passing, Kendall and Roman Roy, two of his sons, took over as co-CEOs. In the sixth episode, Kendall and Roman are preparing for the project’s debut party. They unnerved by the pending sale of Waystar to GoJo, launches Living+, an ambitious new endeavor. With his proposal to launch the real estate project, Kendall takes a very risky turn by positioning it as an electronic item with a subscription service.

During his Investor’s Day speech, Kendall promises that Living+ will do more for its members than just guarantee their security and entertainment. It will also make available cutting-edge medical technology and lifestyle choices that can extend their lives. As a result, Kendall uses the promise of “eternal life” as one of Living+’s primary selling pitches.

In addition to early access to Waystar’s movies and TV shows, Living+ subscribers would also get to meet and chat with some of the most popular characters from the studio’s productions. In addition, the parks of Waystar would be conveniently close by.  While Logan envisioned Living+ as a land-based version of a cruise ship, Kendall envisioned something quite different. On the other hand, Kendall’s plan is met with enthusiastic support from backers. Kendall also increases the project’s expected earnings in an effort to price Lukas Matsson out of a purchase of Waystar RoyCo.

Succession Season 4 Episode 6 Recap

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