Tyler Perry’s Sistas Season 4 Episode 20: Logan’s Secret

Sistas Season 4 Episode 20

In Sistas Season 4 Episode 19, After some jail time, Zatima’s love is in the air. A mysterious phone call threatens Zac. Two Sistas organize a double date with their boyfriends. Karen confides that she’s using Aaron, leading to a sweet sisterly moment.  Read the recap below. Tyler Perry’s Sistas Season 4B is back with another new episode 20 . Sistas Season 4 has already piqued the interest of fans. www.tvacute.com has a synopsis of the episode that will help you understand the show better.

Only two episodes are left. In this episode, It would appear that Logan is concealing something, and it is probable that Sabrina (Novi Brown) is a participant in whatever it is that he is covering up. Is Sabrina involved in Logan’s secret?

Get ready for Sistas Season 4 Episode 21: Fatima vs. Karen

Sistas Season 4 Episode 21: Recap

BET’s comedy-drama Sistas Season 420 Synopsis: Logan seems to be hiding something, and Sabrina appears to be involved.

 Sistas Season 4 Episode 20 Release Date & Time

Sistas Season 4 Episode 20 will be released on July 27, 2022, at 9/8c On Bet. Where to Watch Sistas Season 4 Episode20 Online? Sistas episodes are available for viewing on BET. You can also view the episode via the official BET website if you miss it during airtime. Sistas can also be viewed on Apple TV and YouTube TV. The Oval can be viewed free of charge. To do this, users must log in to their cable operator’s website. These websites include FuboTV and PhiloTV as well as Sling, Xfinity Stream, and DirecTV. You can also rent or buy episodes if you are unable to access the streaming sites for The Oval. You can do this through VUDUAmazon Prime VideoGoogle Play, and iTunes as well as the Microsoft Store.

Sistas Season 4 Episode 19 Recap

The first scene of the show features Fatima taking a peek at Zac’s newly built house. After spending some time in jail, they are adjusting back to normal life, and love seems to be in the air. They have a lovely, lighthearted moment together in the kitchen. The controversy surrounding his miraculous investment is, unfortunately, becoming worse. Karen informs Fatima that Hayden has access to the government’s database and is viewing airport surveillance footage. Even worse, Zac receives an unknown phone call that could derail his entire position. But happily, Jake has discovered a confidant or brother who offers him wise counsel regarding his assets.  Preston admits to Sabrina that his attempt to make Danni envious by dating other women led to some errors. As he admits that he doesn’t really know what he’s doing. Danni reiterates Preston’s need to be informed about her Black experience after receiving the communication from Sabrina.

The two Sistas decide to go on a double date with their men after the incident. Andi visits Danni’s house for the first time in a while after a run-in with Hayden to have a little girl talk and to get some guidance on whether she should get in touch with Gary. She does, in fact, in the end. In keeping with the last episode, Pastor Aaron is attempting to calm Gary when Andi calls and invites him to the penthouse for a chat. Gary is beaming and says he feels like a new guy. Unfortunately, it doesn’t last long. He makes his way to the penthouse, but he leaves suddenly after having flashbacks of Andi engaging in extracurricular activities while they were sitting on the couch. Sabrina, who visits the salon to get her hair done (and to find out the latest on what’s happening with Aaron and Zac), signals that things are improving for Karen. Aaron and Karen had a wonderful sisterly moment after Karen confides that she feels like she is using Aaron.

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