[Season Finale] Sistas Season 4 Episode 22 Recap [Make Him Great]

[Season Finale] Sistas Season 4 Episode 22 Recap

The most dramatic episode of the fourth season of Sistas concluded. The ending episode, titled “Make Him Great,” was a spectacular one that kept us on the edge of our seats. Again, the sequence between Preston and Danny and the confrontation between Fatima and the Senator’s wife were powerful. , www.tvacute.com brings you the finale of Sistas (Season 4 Episode 22.)

Beginning with his response to the Senator’s wife’s proposal and her threats to put him in jail, Zac opens the finale. He walks away, leaving her alone. Andi joins Fatima as she laments Hayden’s threats against Zac. Although Fatima tells Andi that Zac is a decent man, she occasionally doubts his judgment. Andi provides Karen with some sound advice on hanging with Zac. But as Gary arrives at the law firm to “meet his lawyer,” Andi is dealing with some of her own interpersonal problems. Hayden gives Gary advice on how to sue Andi and reclaim the apartment and car.

Later, when Fatima enters, Zac summons Jake over to his house and confides in him about the Senator’s wife begging him for sex. Unexpectedly, Fatima advises Zac to accept the Senator’s wife’s offer. Zac meets up with the Senator’s wife at her hotel room once more, but he decides against staying. Fatima appears at the door and confronts the senator’s wife as Zac tries to escape. With a few threats, she fixes things like Fatima does.

Bayo and Sabrina cross paths in the meanwhile at the shop. After some difficulty, Bayo clarifies that Danni reminds him of the women from a particular tribe in his country, which accounts for his interest in her. Sabrina agrees and starts to believe him as he shows her images of the people in question.

Logan continues his inquiry and visits Danni at work to see if she has spoken to Sabrina about it. She makes up the fact that she didn’t speak to Sabrina but then essentially acknowledges that she can’t just be silent toward her friend. However, she has other guests at the airport as well. Preston appears and informs Danni that he is leaving the city and returning to his own land.

They exchange a heartfelt farewell. He declares his love for her before reversing course and boarding the aircraft. She obviously doesn’t want him to leave, but after he advises her to avoid saying anything that may encourage him to stay. As the story comes to a close, Maurice enters the bank grinning about his “late night.” Logan breaks in with the FBI and detains Sabrina and Maurice for bank robbery as Sabrina updates him on the most recent Bayo drama.

Karen might experience her own heartbreak. She begins to feel ill while speaking with Pam in the store, which does have customers. Pam notices that she is bleeding, which could lead to a heartbreaking tale for the following season. Imagine what we’re about to see next season if we thought Karen was a mess this season.The show set up the Karen pregnancy plot for the following season, but generally, this episode fell short. To find out where they take all of this, we’ll have to wait a few months.

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