Selling Sunset Season 7: Are Jason and Marie-Lou Still Dating?

“Selling Sunset” Season 7 ushers you into the world of high-end real estate and dramatic drama. With its combination of human relationships and high-stakes real estate dealings, this well-liked reality TV show never fails to captivate viewers. The complex romantic relationship between Marie-Lou Nurk and Jason Oppenheim, the president and founder of The Oppenheim Group, was a major plot point in this season. The episode revealed tense, envious, and heartbreaking moments.

The relationship between Marie-Lou Nurk and well-known real estate broker Jason Oppenheim took center stage in “Selling Sunset” Season 7. Co-star Chrishell Stause‘s story was entwined with theirs, giving the season an additional level of interest. Fans have many unanswered questions regarding Jason and Marie-Lou’s path from romance to its eventual conclusion. Did they decide to part ways or did they successfully overcome the obstacles?  tvacute explores their story in more detail and find out if love triumphed in this world of high risks.

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Selling Sunset: Are Jason and Marie-Lou Still together?

Viewers were given a front-row seat to the tension developing between Jason Oppenheim and Marie-Lou Nurk in “Selling Sunset,” Season 7. During a quick journey to Australia at the start of the season, Marie-Lou met Jason’s ex, Chrishell Stause. There were clearly tensions bubbling beneath the surface from the beginning.

The members of the cast, including Chrishell and Marie-Lou, spoke candidly about how they felt about Jason’s previous relationship. Their speculation was that Marie-Lou was jealous of Chrishell because they saw her as Jason’s “great love.” The season was filled with unpleasant encounters and conflicts.

A noteworthy instance was when Marie-Lou voiced her unease with Chrishell’s conduct during events. Further gasoline was poured to the fire when Jason challenged Chrishell for not following Marie-Lou on Instagram for a number of months. After an awkward meal, when Marie-Lou accused Chrishell and Jason of still having affection for one another, the tension increased.

The dispute persisted in Cabo, where Chrishell made an effort to create more positive boundaries between business and personal life by separating himself from the group. Jason stressed his wish to prevent more controversy as the season came to an end by telling Marie-Lou not to talk to Chrishell at the inauguration of their Los Angeles office. Along with talking about their upcoming vacation to Paris, Marie-Lou also jokingly brought up the subject of getting engaged.

But as we jump ahead to the events after Season 7, it’s clear that Jason and Marie-Lou’s relationship took a different turn. It was announced in May 2023, not long after the season premiered, that the couple had broken up after ten months of courting. Their considerable distance from one another was given as the basis for their breakup.

Fans who were expecting a happy conclusion were disappointed to hear about their breakup, but Jason and Marie-Lou both stressed how much they still cared and supported one another. They emphasized the difficulties brought about by their physical separation since Marie-Lou had to return to France in order to be near her family, friends, and job. They stayed close friends even after their love connection ended.

Jason noted in August that Marie-Lou and he remained close after leaving a remark on one of her Instagram images. However, it appeared from their social media activity that Marie-Lou and Chrishell were no longer following one another, which might signal the end of a turbulent period.

Based on her Instagram photos, it seems that Marie-Lou moved on and found a new love interest after their breakup. It was obvious from the photos that she was showing off her new man in St. Tropez hand in hand that Jason was no longer in her romantic life.

It’s important to keep in mind that reality TV frequently makes it difficult to distinguish between entertainment and real life when we consider the events of “Selling Sunset” Season 7 and their effects on Jason and Marie-Lou’s relationship. Even though the documentary followed their journey, a number of variables, such as distance and individual choices, ultimately determined how their relationship ended.

Given that the couple was still together at the conclusion of the previous season, there’s a potential that even though their romantic chapter is coming to an end, Marie-Lou may appear on screen once more if “Selling Sunset” is renewed for Season 8.

Finally, “Selling Sunset” Season 7 offered viewers a thrilling and occasionally turbulent glimpse into the lives of real estate experts like Jason Oppenheim and Marie-Lou Nurk. Their adventure, which featured arguments with co-star Chrishell Stause, came to an end when they broke up because it was difficult to keep up a long-distance relationship. Nonetheless, their dedication to preserving a close connection highlights the intricate intricacies of interpersonal relationships, even within the opulent realm of high-end real estate.

The popularity of “Selling Sunset” has not only delighted viewers but also spawned a spin-off series called “Selling the OC,” which centers on the Orange County office of The Oppenheim Group.

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