Selling Sunset Season 7: Who is Cassandra Dawn?

“Selling Sunset” Season 7 is here to captivate you with its unique blend of high-end real estate and personal drama. Especially this season, we are introduced to some new characters, one of whom is the fascinating Cassandra Dawn.

The name Cassandra became a byword for mystery during Season 7 of “Selling Sunset.” Her first appearance was in Episode 9, when she was first seen by the O Group cast at an open house in Cabo, Mexico, in honor of the brokerage’s new office grand opening. To put it mildly, Cassandra’s first introduction to the audience was mysterious.

tvacute will explore Cassandra’s past, her career, and the fascinating conflicts that arose on the show in this piece. So buckle up, because we’re about to take a ride through the glamorous yet turbulent world of “Selling Sunset.”

Selling Sunset: Who is Cassandra Dawn?

Cassandra was born on January 10, 1990, and she is currently 33 years old. She is roughly 5’6″. Originally from the thriving metropolis of Los Angeles, she possesses a strong bond with her hometown, having grown up there.

Although Cassandra began her work in 2010 as an advisor for modern art, she has now moved into the luxury real estate market. She acquired her real estate license in August 2022, making this transfer official and positioning her as a relatively fresh agent in the industry.

Prior to entering the real estate industry, Cassandra gained notoriety as a model and social media personality. One of her modeling endeavors was posing for Playboy, where she gained notoriety in the modeling world. She was able to gain popularity during this time in her life, and it also helped to mold her into the diverse person she is today, having worked in many areas of the entertainment business.

Cassandra, a real estate agent for Revel Real Estate, is from the busy Los Angeles real estate market. It’s interesting to note that although Cassandra Dawn is her full name, Revel Real Estate lists her as Cassandra Repstad in her professional capacity. She does, however, go as Cassandra Dawn on Instagram, which lends her persona a little of mystery.

Cassandra’s motto in the business world is service and commitment to her Los Angeles-based clientele. She enthusiastically upholds the principles of ethics, fostering long-lasting connections, and providing exceptional customer service in all of her interactions. Growing up in Los Angeles, Cassandra has a deep appreciation for the distinctive features of every neighborhood, from Pacific Palisades to Beverly Hills, and everything in between.

In order to help her clients locate their ideal houses, Cassandra, a real estate agent, concentrates on getting to know each of their unique needs, preferences, and financial constraints. Her goal is to make the most of her clients’ time and reduce their stress while buying a house. Her knowledge of West Los Angeles neighborhoods, ranging from Santa Monica to Beverly Hills, enhances the value of her clients’ real estate searches.

Cassandra stands out due to her diverse upbringing. She had a prosperous career as a modern art advisor, operating out of both Los Angeles and London, prior to entering the real estate market. Her proficiency in managing luxury contemporary art and fashion photography, in addition to helping customers purchase investment-quality pieces from renowned artists, has refined her attention to detail and high-level transactional skills.

Cassandra’s background as an art advisor gave her a unique viewpoint that helped her comprehend the individual demands and worries of her clients in the current hectic real estate market. The mechanics of investing in art and real estate are remarkably similar. Having curated luxury houses and negotiated high-end transactions, she has developed a great eye for detail that enables her to offer her customers a personalized and flawless real estate experience.

Her experience and the subtleties she brings to the real estate industry are described in detail on the Revel Real Estate website’s “about” page. It demonstrates her experience assembling an investment-caliber art portfolio and her in-depth comprehension of each client’s unique requirements. Essentially, Cassandra provides her clients with a customized strategy for property acquisition by bridging the gap between art and real estate.

When she’s not working, Cassandra likes to stroll her lovely Santa Monica neighborhood, visit art galleries, and listen to inspirational podcasts. Her spouse and their adorable puppy, who is their furry friend, join her in these occasions. Her dedication to improving her client’s quality of life is reflected in her love of her area and her enthusiasm for art.

Who is Cassandra’s Husband?

Based on the information that is currently available, John Repstad is Cassandra’s husband. John is a senior director at Realty Advisory Group. He is an expert in leasing office and commercial space, buying and selling real estate, and investment sales, among other areas of the real estate business. Cassandra’s career in real estate and this professional background complement each other effectively, making them a formidable team in the field.

On her Instagram account, Cassandra has posted snippets of her life with John, providing a personal look into their union. She celebrated her husband’s birthday with an emotional message on social media, captioning it, “I always knew I’d marry a Capricorn.” ❤️ Happy birthday, sweetie.” This heartfelt remark adds a personal touch to Cassandra and John’s professional real estate careers by expressing the warmth and connection they have.

Bree and Cassandra Dawn’s Disputes

A particularly noteworthy aspect of Cassandra’s performance on “Selling Sunset” was her argument with Bre Tiesi, an actor from the O Group. In the Season 7 finale, which took place at the Oppenheim Group’s new office warming party in Los Angeles, this disagreement came to an end.

From their past interactions, Cassandra and Bre developed a tense relationship. Cassandra said she knew Chrishell and Bre from when they were both bottle service girls in Los Angeles. She said, “Bre had asked her and her friends to model for her fitness app,” among other things. Bre, on the other hand, angrily denied having ever met Cassandra.

This argument called into doubt the sincerity of the relationships and rivalries amongst the cast members, in addition to adding an unanticipated dramatic element to the program. Since joining the program in Season 6, Chelsea and Bre have been at odds, and Chelsea chastised Bre for not being friendlier to Cassandra.

The argument was intensified when Cassandra spoke out against Bre’s treatment of her. When Bre made the decision to leave the party and broke the fourth wall by taking off her microphone and stopping the video, the argument reached a breaking point.

The conflicts and disagreements that emerge among the cast members of “Selling Sunset” provide an insight into the intricate workings of the real estate industry as well as the agents’ private lives. As the story progresses, it becomes clear that success in the competitive world of luxury real estate frequently entails a fair share of interpersonal difficulties.

In summary, Cassandra Dawn’s presence on “Selling Sunset” Season 7 significantly improved the dynamic of the program. The season’s interest and excitement were enhanced by her background in art and real estate, as well as the fascinating disagreements that transpired during her tenure on the show. Viewers can expect more engrossing moments and personal problems as the “Selling Sunset” narrative progresses, which combines luxury real estate and reality TV drama in an addictive way.

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