See Season 2 Episode 4: “The Witchfinder” Release Date

See Season 2 Episode 4

In See Episode 203, where Baba talked about his past with Haniwa. On the other hand, Sibeth devises a plan. He first asked her to marry him, but she told him to marry Maghra, so they agreed. But Sibeth’s wedding announcement shattered their plan. Edo also discovered Jerlamarel’s blindness and killed him.  Now fans are eager to know what will happen next. has all the facts on where to watch Season 2 episode 4 titled “The Witchfinder”, when it will be released, and what the plot will be.

AppleTV+ See Season 2 Episode 4 Synopsis: Kofun and Toad arrive in Pennsa just as Maghra makes a life-changing decision. Baba, Paris, and Haniwa run into a trusted friend.

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See Season 2 Episode 4 Release Date

See Season 2 Episode 4 will release on September 17 on AppleTV+.  Runtime 46 mins.

See Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

Edo Voss is still mourning the loss of three prisoners: Baba Voss, Tamacti Jun, and Haniwa. Edo is now on a blood mission to reclaim his gang and exact his vengeance on the Trivantian council. Edo enlists the assistance of Lieutenant Wren, unaware that Wren’s forbidden love affair with Haniwa sparked the entire episode. The tension is palpable throughout, and it appears that this secret, along with Wren’s ability to see, will soon surface. Meanwhile, Baba, Haniwa, and Tamacti Jun are scavenging through the winter wilderness to find the rest of the family. Haniwa is understandably wary of Tamacti Jun, especially after Tamacti Jun reveals that her mother is in fact the Queen’s sister. All things considered, everyone seems to accept this revelation with ease. There are worse lessons to learn than your mother is royal. The group is cornered by savage slavers and nearly bested before they can cover much ground. Their salvation comes from a brutal group of female warriors who provide some of the show’s most graphic kills.

Surprisingly, Paris leads the warriors, who are members of a centuries-old secret society. The monarchy hunted down and executed a number of sighted children born many years ago. As a result, these children’s mothers formed the Compass, a secret fighting force tasked with protecting future blind children. It was a gifted young boy who ran away after soaking up all the knowledge Paris could provide him, and still craved more. Jerlamerel is Haniwa’s biological father. There are only so many sighted significant characters we’ve met so far, so it’s odd that this scene is played for a surprise.

Back in Pennsa, Harlan and the Queen are playing cat and mouse to advance their respective agendas. Harlan continues to argue for royal marriage in exchange for the people of Pennsa’s loyalty. Maghra reluctantly agrees to marry Harlan if her family is safe, and they persuade the Queen to abandon her war plans. This is all well and good until Queen Kane announces the engagement and the wedding in just four days.

Kofun being escorted back to Pennsa by the Witchfinders. Some soldiers are deeply troubled by being ordered to protect a witch. Their commanding officer, Toad, stops them from killing Kofun in the middle of the night. They have a long road ahead of them.  Finally, the episode ends with Jerlamerel preparing for an unexpected visitor: Edo Voss. Edo accuses Jerlamerel of assisting Baba Voss in his Trivantian prison escape. Jerlamerel correctly points out that he stands to gain little, but Edo discovers that Jerlamerel has lost his sight. Edo kills Jerlamerel in a brutal fashion and takes over his resources. The season’s biggest and most significant secret is now revealed.

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