Riverdale Season 6 Episode 8 Release Date [Chapter One Hundred and Three] ‘The Town’ Spoilers + Photos

Riverdale Season 6 Episode 8 will release on Sunday, April 3, 2022, at 8 p.m. E.T. on The CW. Check Out Riverdale Chapter 103 [] Photos and Promo also. 

The community of Riverdale paid their final respects to Hiram Lodge in Riverdale Season 6 Episode 7. The Big Villian, who had haunted the story for years, was finally put to rest in this chapter. Hiram has left the building. The most dramatic plot involves Veronica saying her goodbyes to Hiram at the memorial. . In addition we had the supernatural story of Abigail Blossom dealing with Tony, Archie’s superhero adventures, Betty’s reunion with TBK, and Jughead dealing with his hearing loss. To know more see the recap for episode 7 below. The anticipation of what will happen next has piqued the interest of spectators.  At www.tvacute.com, you’ve come to the perfect place.  We’ve compiled all of the officially revealed information regarding Riverdale Season 6 Episode 8  so far, including release dates, promo, sneak peek, and more.

Riverdale Season 6 Episode 9 Release Date

Riverdale Season 6 Episode 8 Recap

Riverdale Season 6 Episode 8 Spoilers

After newcomer Percival Pickens depicts the town as “the worst town in America,” Archie will attempt to preserve the town’s reputation in Riverdale Season 6 Episode 8, “Chapter One Hundred and Three: titled The Town.” Superpowers have recently been a major feature of the show, with Archie and Betty possessing them. Apart from that, we’ll be watching for Jughead’s new abilities. As an example, assisting Betty and Archie in their struggle against TBK. TBK could return at any time. Finally, will Hermosa launch another assault on Veronica? Watch Riverdale S06E08 Promo

Riverdale Season 608 Synopsis: THE WORST TOWN IN AMERICA — After learning that Percival Pickens (guest star Chris O’Shea) is behind a blistering article calling Riverdale the worst town in America, Archie (KJ Apa) comes up with a plan to prove him wrong. Meanwhile, after the Town Council goes after their casino, Veronica (Camila Mendes) and Reggie (Charles Melton) decide they’re going to do everything on the up-and-up moving forward. Finally, Britta (guest star Kyra Leroux) makes a risky move to help Cheryl (Madelaine Petsch). Lili Reinhart, Cole Sprouse, Mädchen Amick, Casey Cott, Vanessa Morgan, Erinn Westbrook and Drew Ray Tanner also star. Rob Seidenglanz directed the episode written by Brian E. Paterson.

Where to Watch Riverdale Season 6 Episode 8?

Riverdale Season 6 Episode 8 will release on Sunday, April 3, 2022, at 8 p.m. E.T. on The CW. ( on CW50). The show will continue to air once a week. Riverdale Season 6 could go on for a little more, Seasons 4 and 5 both had 19 episodes.  you can watch Riverdale Chapter 103 on Streaming Services Such as YouTube TV, DirecTV, and Fubo TV. Riverdale Season 5 can also buy and rent on iTunes and Prime Video by even purchasing a single episode or the entire season. we’ll have to wait until 2022 for the sixth season of the show to arrive on Netflix in the United States, most likely in July.

Riverdale Chapter 103 Photos

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Riverdale Season 6 Episode 7 Recap

Jughead is irritated by his loss of hearing. Archie gathers a large group of pals to assist him in rebuilding his home. Jughead isn’t returning Archie’s calls, despite the fact that he still possesses superpower. Nana Blossom tells Britta that she implanted the soul of Abigail Blossom into Cheryl’s body. When Abigail was placed, Cheryl’s soul was destroyed. Nana Blossom wants Abigail to assist her in regaining control of the town for the Blossoms. They intend to begin at the next council meeting. Jughead’s hearing loss is discovered by Archie. Reggie learns the truth about Hiram’s death from Veronica. Veronica intends to arrange a memorial service for Hiram at the casino, but she will not inform her grandmother why Hiram died. Kevin informs his father that he will be staying in town to assist with Baby Anthony’s care. He agrees to work as a deputy for Sheriff Keller. The FBI informs Betty that Glen has vanished.

Hiram’s death does not surprise Veronica’s grandmother. Veronica introduces her godson to her, and she introduces Reggie to her. After six months, Jughead intends to have an implant. He has no desire to write or learn ASL. While composing, he needs to listen to music. While looking at Glen’s missing case file, Betty begins getting migraines. She discovers a severed body part when she opens a parcel. A town hall meeting is being held in the town. Veronica informs everyone that Hiram is no longer alive. Percival Pickens presents himself to the gathering, and Abigail Blossom explains that the Pickens and the Blossoms have a history together. For the city, Percival has huge ideas. Toni is a descendent of Abigail Blossom’s past lover, Tomissina, who she recognizes. Following the news, Archie visits Veronica. Britta tells Abigail about Toni’s past with Cheryl and her story. Toni is someone Abigail wishes to meet at Riverdale High. Betty informs Archie about the approach of The Trash Bag Killer.

Glen is still alive, she believes, and TBK will continue dumping dismembered body pieces over a long period of time. Jughead was involved in a motorcycle accident. Jughead is talking in his head while Tabitha is arguing with him. Betty and the FBI go on a quest for TBK in Riverdale. While Veronica is filming her reality show, Hermione pays her a visit. In Archie’s residence, a worker discovers a piece of Palladium. He suggests that he keep the artwork. Archie is unaffected by the coffee’s heat. Abigail Blossom wishes to adopt Britta and has asked Toni for assistance. She intends to seek assistance from the Whyte Wyrm. Hermione wants her visit to be the show’s emphasis. Veronica forcibly removes everyone from the room and informs Hermione of Hiram’s death. Hermione confesses that she envied Hiram and Veronica’s relationship. Hermione relished the moments when the flat was just her and Veronica. After falling through the floor, Archie notices that his hand is bleeding. Tabitha seeks out a therapist who can assist Jughead in dealing with his hearing loss. Betty is visited by the Trash Bag Killer, who carries Glen’s severed hand. He threatens her because of her closeness to Archie. Toni is dating Fangs, and Fangs resembles the murdering warlock pirate, which has Abigail upset. She is taken aback when she learns about the baby. Cheryl’s strange behaviour perplexes Toni. Archie and Betty are perplexed as to why their abilities have begun to fade.

Betty believes The Trash Bag Killer is her vulnerability, whereas Palladium is Archie’s. Jughead’s therapist, Daniel, tells him to sit alone for five hours and write down his thoughts. Hermione invites Veronica to film a video of their lovely moment together. Veronica agrees, but grudgingly. Nana Blossom taunts Toni, which enrages Abigail Blossom. She confines Nana Blossom to a jail, intending to capture Tomissina’s descendent before assuming control of the town. Jughead is given a comic novel to read by Daniel. The assassin intends to assassinate Veronica, but he is killed first by her grandmother’s godson. Hermosa, she believes, orchestrated the hit on her. Jughead creates a visual novel using his written words. Tabitha sees the imitation sketches he made of his first few pages. He and Tabitha share a joyful kiss. Dennis locates the Palladium and defeats Archie. Betty gets a call from TBK, who says he’s at the end of Sketch Alley. The trash cans have more body parts in them, according to an innocent man who claims TBK recruited him to convey a message to Betty. T

he casino hosts Hiram’s memorial, and Veronica delivers the eulogy. During her eulogy, everyone is in tears. TBK has Archie incarcerated. TBK admits that he was aware of the Palladium and Betty’s chats. Alice shows up and demands that Bingo stay at his house because she is weary of caring for him. TBK is pushed out of the attic window by Bingo, who rushes up to him. Archie’s life is saved by Bingo. Reggie tells Veronica that he forgives her and promises to be there for her at all times. Hiram’s final moments are captured on tape by her grandmother’s godson. Dennis was hired through an ad seeking labour, and TBK turned out to be Dennis all along. TBK managed to survive the fall, but he fled. Glen’s decapitated head and body parts were discovered in the trash cans by Betty. Betty has decided to leave Riverdale for a while in order to get TBK out of town. Veronica listens to Hiram’s farewell tape. Hiram gives her the rum business. Veronica sobs uncontrollably. Cheryl’s soul is still alive, as Abigail Blossom can see in her reflection in the mirror. From behind a closed door, Britta observes the exchange. Tabitha’s thoughts are heard by Jughead. His superpower is the ability to read people’s minds.

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