Riverdale Season 6 Episode 17: [American Psychos] Betty Plans a Serial Killer Convention

Riverdale Season 6 Episode 17 will release on Sunday, June 12, 2022, at 8 p.m. E.T. on The CW. This is the show’s yearly musical episode. Betty plans a serial killer convention to catch the Trash Bag Killer. Cheryl gets bad news concerning Toni and Fangs, and Archie and Tabitha strive to loosen Percival’s grip on his workforce.

On Riverdale Season 6 Episode 16, Percival Pickens is back on Riverdale. His next sleazy move was to treat the construction team like trash and abuse them. That’s right, the same squad he tried so hard to rob Archie of. Charles and Betty had a fascinating brother-sister relationship. he was the only one who understood her and her darkness. To know more see the recap for episode 16 below. The anticipation of what will happen next has piqued the interest of spectators.  At www.tvacute.com, you’ve come to the perfect place.  We’ve compiled all of the officially revealed information regarding Riverdale Season 6 Episode 17  so far, including release dates, promo, sneak peek, and more.

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Riverdale Season 6 Episode 17 Recap

Riverdale Season 6 Episode 17 Spoilers

But first and foremost, next week there won’t be any new episodes, that’s when you get to see “American Psychos The musical,” which we’re hoping turns out to be a compelling drama. “Chapter One Hundred and Twelve: American Psychos” is the title of Riverdale Season 6 Episode 17. This is the annual musical episode of the show. And the characters will be performing none other than American Psycho, as the title suggests. In this episode, we will see  Betty comes up with the idea to host a convention for serial killers in Riverdale as a means of finally apprehending the Trash Bag Killer and ending the killings once and for all. while Archie and Tabitha attempt to lessen the grip that Percival has on his staff. The news that Cheryl receives about Toni and Fangs.

What does Percival have in store for Archie and the rest of the construction crew next? Will Jughead be able to silence the voices? Will Charles and Chic ever get back together? Obviously, the events of this episode will lead the story to Season 7, which has already been confirmed.  We’ll have to wait at least some time to see what happens next.  Watch Riverdale Season 6 Episode 17 promo and synopsis below to get a better idea of ​​what to expect:

Watch Riverdale S06E17 Promo

Riverdale Season 6.17 Synopsis: THE CAST PERFORM MUSICAL NUMBERS FROM AMERICAN PSYCHO THE MUSICAL – In order to catch the Trash Bag Killer once and for all, Betty (Lili Reinhart) devises a plan to hold a serial killer convention in Riverdale. Elsewhere, Cheryl (Madelaine Petsch) receives some news about Toni (Vanessa Morgan) and Fangs (Drew Ray Tanner) that sends her spiraling, while Archie (KJ Apa) and Tabitha (Erinn Westbrook) try to loosen the grip Percival (guest star Chris O’Shea) has over his workers. Camila Mendes, Mädchen Amick and Casey Cott also star. Gabriel Correa directed the episode written by Tessa Leigh Williams & Greg Murray (617). 

Where to Watch Riverdale Season 6 Episode 17?

Riverdale Season 6 Episode 17 will release on Sunday, June 12, 2022, at 8 p.m. E.T. on The CW. ( on CW50). The show will continue to air once a week. Riverdale Season 6 could go on for a little more, Seasons 4 and 5 both had 19 episodes.  you can watch Riverdale Chapter 112 on Streaming Services Such as YouTube TV, DirecTV, and Fubo TV. Riverdale Season 5 can also buy and rent on iTunes and Prime Video by even purchasing a single episode or the entire season. we’ll have to wait until 2022 for the sixth season of the show to arrive on Netflix in the United States, most likely in July.

Riverdale Season 6 Episode 16 Recap

Percival has hired some of Archie’s old employees to start work on his railroad, which Cheryl says will bring about his ghost train and allow him to command both the living and the dead. It appears to be genuine. As a result, Archie feels compelled to intervene. How will he be able to stop him? Tabitha proposes that the workers form a union. Cheryl discovers a letter written by Percival’s great-grandpa in response to his workers’ unionization. He says a lot of horrible things and the fact that Percival is related to this guy is evidently enough to get the workers to strike. Betty agrees to spend time with Alice. That is exactly what she does. She interrogates him about his dark side in order to gain a better understanding of herself. Until she had to intervene to prevent Alice from suffocating him with a pillow.  Although it has been a couple of years, if people are going to continue to refer to it as the murder house, they may need to improve their game.

Betty, on the other hand, devises a strategy to save him, which is where Veronica comes in. Betty believes that the thing killing Charles isn’t a true illness, but rather his own gloom, thanks to her new abilities, which filter poisons out of her body.  Veronica detoxifies Charles after spending the hour trying to make selling absinthe her new career. So, does he have to return to prison now? That’s uncertain, but for now, he’s repaying Betty by offering her an idea for catching TBK, which has everything to do with organizing a serial killer fan conference at Veronica’s casino. Cheryl learns of enmity between the Blossom and Pickens families. Percival appears to be in possession of a vital text, so Cheryl uses a spell to make herself invisible in order to recover it.   She successfully steals the book, gives Archie the aforementioned ammo in the form of Percival’s great grandfather’s letter, and then admits that she wants Heather to stay. Heather is also adamant about staying. Toni and Fangs spend the first half of the episode attempting to persuade their lawyer that the Serpents would change until Kevin pulls a fast one and snatches one of Anthony’s pacifiers for a DNA test. Toni then takes out her Serpent jacket and brass knuckles.

Fangs is then informed that the Serpents will not alter. It’s time to go back to the basics! And it entails welcoming baby Anthony, who is still a newborn, into the gang! Nothing will prove they’re excellent parents   Toni proposes marriage to Fangs, who is incredibly turned on by the news. Percival, in his best Maury Povich impersonation, informs Kevin that he is not the father of baby Anthony. Percival spends the episode attempting to sneak inside Jughead’s head, and when that fails, he inquires about a talisman with Reggie. Reggie retrieves Jughead’s old Serpent jacket, beanie, and a few articles he penned from the time capsule. Percival is then able to manipulate Jughead’s thoughts, causing him to lose control over what he hears. Instead, he is continuously bombarded with everyone’s thoughts. Jughead flees to the bunker to attempt to make sense of things, and it’s there that he begins to hear things from… Rivervale?! The episode concludes with a confrontation between Archie and Percival, in which Percival demonstrates that he hasn’t done his research.

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