Charmed Season 4 Ending

Charmed Season 4 Episode 13 [Series Finale] Will they be able to save the day?

On June 10, the CW drama Charmed (2018) concluded its four-season run with a jaw-dropping, multiverse-confirming final moment. The Finale of the Charmed Series Confirms the Reboot’s Relationship to the Original Show.

Charmed Season 4 Ending: The current Charmed Ones (Mel, Maggie, and Kaela) discovered a mysterious door branded with their characteristic triquetra after reuniting Inara with her sisters and preventing another magical disaster. Mel posed the question to the group. Maggie shared Kaela’s suspicion, but Kaela felt that this is where fate had sent them. the other side of that fatal door was after all Manor! Mel observed as the group stood outside the mansion where Prue, Piper, Phoebe, and Paige learned their skills in the original Charmed.

A tap on the door revealed that no one was home. Maggie agreed to enter the house after another push from Michaela, which, as luck would have it, was unlocked. Mel, Maggie, and Kaela entered Halliwell Manor, and the doors magically closed behind them, bringing the episode and series to a close.

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