Promised Land Season 1 Episode 1 Release Date + Cast + Promo + Photos

Promised Land Season 1 Episode 1 CECILIA SUÁREZ, JOHN ORTIZ
Promised Land Season 1 Episode 1 CECILIA SUÁREZ, JOHN ORTIZ

The Sandoval family, a prominent and rich Latinx dynasty battling for power and wealth, is the focus of ABC’s new upcoming series. Promised Land is an epic, generation-spanning drama set in California’s Sonoma Valley about two Latinx families battling for money and power while running a winery. promised Land episode 1 has a synopsis, photos and release date as well as a spoiler at

Promised Land Season 1 Episode 3 Release Date

It also follows two sets of siblings from Mexico who relocate to the United States to pursue their own interpretations of the American dream.  The show will also highlight the difficulties of integrating into a new nation, negotiating aspects of one’s cultural identity, and the differences between first and second-generation Americans, while simultaneously incorporating all of the characteristics of a glossy primetime soap opera.

Promised Land Season 1 Episode 1 Details

“A Place Called Heritage” is the title of the first episode. Matt Lopez wrote the script and Michael Cuesta directed the film.

Promised Land Season 1 Episode 1 Synopsis: Alliances and loyalties are tested as Joe Sandoval assesses the future of his family-run Sonoma Valley wine business. Just a few hundred miles south but a world away, Carlos Rincón and sisters Juana and Rosa Sánchez cross the U.S. border from Mexico in search of a better life.

Promised Land Season 1 Episode 1 Photos

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Promised Land Season 1 Episode 1 Photos

Is there a Promised Land trailer?

Watch the drama unfold in the official ABC trailer for Promised Land, which tells the story of one family who has realized their American dream while another is just getting started.

Promised Land Season 1 Episode 1 Guest Cast

Yul Vazquez, Andrew J. West, Ariana Guerra, Natalia Del Riego, Christopher Wallinger, Guilherme Apollonio, Susan Ortiz, and Miguel Angel Garcia make appearances as guests.

Promised Land Season 1 Episode 1 Release Date

“Promised Land” premieres on ABC on MONDAY, JAN. 24 at 10:01-11:00 p.m. EST. The series will air on Disney+ Hotstar in India the day after it airs on ABC in the United States.

Where can I find Promised Land to watch and stream?

You may watch Promised Land online at if you miss it on Monday nights on ABC. Starting January 25, it will also be available on Hulu the following day. In fact, Hulu will stream a sneak peek at episode 2 on January 25.

Who is in the cast of Promised Land Season 1?

Joe Sandoval is played by John Ortiz.
Lettie Sandoval is played by Cecilia Suárez.
Mateo Flores is played by Augusto Aguilera.
Veronica Sandoval is played by Christina Ochoa.
Carmen Sandoval is played by Mariel Molino.
Antonio Sandoval is played by Tonatiuh Elizarraraz.
Carlos Rincón is played by Andres Velez.
Juana Sánchez is played by Katya Martn.
Billy Rincón is played by Rolando Chusan.
Margaret Honeycroft is played by Bellamy Young.
Father Ramos is played by Yul Vazquez,

Who is a recurring character in promosed Land?

Javier is played by Julio Macias.
Rosa is played by Ariana Guerra, and Young is played by Kerri Medders. Margaret
O.M. Honeycroft is played by Tom Amandes.
Daniela is played by Natalia del Riego.
Junior Miguel Angel Garcia

What sparked the idea for Promised Land?

Executive producer Matt Lopez stated, “as a youngster, I was a great Dallas fan.” “J.R. Ewing was like a spirit animal to me.” therefore that was a source of inspiration for me. Another unexpected source of inspiration for this was a novel, not a midnight drama. I think I read it with my daughter around a year and a half ago. If you only knew the plot of East of Eden, you’d believe it was a primetime drama. Yet, in terms of the complexity of the characters, the richness of the issues, and so on, it aspires to be so much more, and I believe that’s what Promised Land really wants to achieve.

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