Promised Land Season 1 Episode 3 Release Date and Photos + Preview

Promised Land Season 1 Episode 3 Photos

ABC has another rich, twisting, deceptively sophisticated drama Promised Land on its hands, which will be fascinating to watch unfold as the season progresses. The new Latinx family drama centers on Heritage House, a vast Sonoma Valley winery, and the battle for control. The Promised Land cast includes John Ortiz, Cecilia Suárez, Augusto Aguilera, and Christina Ochoa, bringing Latino presence to network television. Season 1 will consist of ten episodes. You’ll be looking forward to the launch of Promised Land Season 1 Episode 3 on ABC. What comes next? ( Here’s all you need to know about the thirteenth episode of ‘Promised Land’ Season 1, with exclusive photos and release date.

Promised Land Season 1 Episode 4 Release Date

Promised Land Season 3 Recap

“La Lucha (The Struggle)” is the title of the first episode. In this episode, Margaret has an offer for Carmen. Meanwhile, Joe hires a new general manager, and Veronica is put in a tricky situation.

Guest starring is Yul Vazquez as Father Ramos, Ariana Guerra as Rosa Sanchez, Natalia Del Riego as Daniela Perez, Carlos Javier Rivera as Cruz Delgado, Andrew J. West as Michael, Julio Macias as Javier and Tom Amandes as O.M. Honeycroft, Kerri Medders as Young Margaret and Miguel Angel Garcia as Junior.

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Promised Land Season 1 Episode 3 Photos

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Promised Land Season 1 Episode 3 Release Date

“Promised Land” episode 3 will air on ABC on MONDAY, Feb. 7 at 10:01-11:00 p.m. EST. The series will air on Disney+ Hotstar in India the day after it airs on ABC in the United States.

Where can I find Promised Land to watch and stream?

You may watch Promised Land online at if you miss it on Monday nights on ABC. Starting Feb 8, it will also be available on Hulu the following day..

Promised Land Episode 1 Recap

While the first episode of Promised Land Season 1 dealt with the traditional challenges of a pilot, seeking to introduce us to this family and these individuals, the second episode of Promised Land Season 1 dealt with a different set of challenges. Juana and her sister, among others, embark on a long journey and illegally enter the United States. They run into Carlos, who informs them that they’re on their way to Heritage House in Sonoma, where they’ll meet a relative who can assist him. When Border Patrol arrives, the gang, Carlos, Juana, and her sister all flee together while others are apprehended. Meanwhile, Joe is going through his valley at Heritage House, inspecting the grapes. Veronica, his daughter, wants to chat with him about taking over the firm from him.

Joe spots Daniela, a new employee, and inquires if she has any paperwork. Veronica asks her sister Carmen to babysit because she’ll be pulling an all-nighter and her husband Michael won’t be able to supervise the kids. Carmen gives Veronica a concept for a new wine bottle. Carlos offers Juana and her sister the opportunity to pick up papers from his brother at the Heritage House Vineyard in exchange for a ride from a cousin.
The family prepares for the return and visit of their eldest son Antonio, who is returning home from New York City and has a strained relationship with his father.

Joe may have a problem with Antonio’s sexuality. Junior was discovered having sex with a female in a confessional, and Lettie receives a call from the school. Junior’s father, Ramos, discovered cocaine in his possession. Ramos is someone Lettie is familiar with because he is her ex-boyfriend. Joe meets with Margaret, his ex-wife, to inform her that he knows she has done something to his company’s stockholders. She tells him she acquired those shares and plans to keep buying them until she takes over his business in honor of her father, who died drunk.

One of the men assaults Carlos, while the other drives the girls away. The man is stabbed and killed by Carlos. Juana and her sister come across a group of females in a shed and decide to save them. Juana’s sister gets shot before they all take off. Juana and Carlos drop Juana’s sister off at the hospital before departing for Sonoma. Joe appoints Veronica as the company’s CEO and warns her not to make any mistakes.  Margaret receives all of the inside knowledge about the shares from Antonio, including who has all of the authority. They’re working together to take over Joe’s business. Antonio has discovered that his father has left no shares to Mateo, his stepson.

During the anniversary dinner, a sheriff arrives and informs them that one of their workers, Delgado, was hit and murdered the night before. Carlos sees his brother Roberto for the first time in a long time. He’s now known as Billy. He and Juana appear to get along. Carlos receives his new social and information from Roberto aka Billy: Jose Sandoval nicknamed Joe. Daniela is fired by Joe. Joe examines the old truck they used to get there before heading out into the vineyard with the others. Mateo notices a fresh vineyard space for sale and decides to purchase it with Daniela’s help. Veronica is concerned about the police looking for a suspect. When Lettie goes to see Ramos/Billy ask him why he left, he refuses to explain and instructs her to return to his brother.

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