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This year, Netflix is expected to add a large number of films in the thriller genre, and we can’t wait to check out each and every one of them! The Good Nurse is a suspense movie with an exceptionally outstanding ensemble cast and an intriguing plot that deserves the attention of moviegoers everywhere. If you are looking forward to watching the upcoming original film as much as we are, then you should be aware of everything there is to know about it.

Tobias Lindholm, an Academy Award nominee, directed The Good Nurse based on a screenplay by Krysty Wilson-Cairns. It is based on Charles Graeber’s 2013 book of the same name. The film explores the courageous measures taken by a nurse to stop another healthcare professional from killing patients on purpose.

Is The Good Nurse a True Story

The Good Nurse Release Date

Netflix has revealed that it will be available in the fall of 2022. The Good Nurse made its global premiere on September 11, 2022, at the Toronto International Film Festival. It was then distributed in a few U.S. cinemas on October 19, 2022, before Netflix streamed it on October 26.  Accordingly, the movie will be available on Netflix  (on October 26 at 3 am. ET)

The cast of The Good Nurse Movie

Amy Loughren is played by Jessica Chastain.
Charlie Cullen is played by Eddie Redmayne.
Danny Baldwin portrayed by Nnamdi Asomugha
Tim Braun, played by Noah Emmerich
Alex Loughren, played by Alix West Lefler
Kim Dickens
Malik Yoba

What about The Good Nurse Movie?

The movie is based on the true account of Amy Loughren (Chastain), a nurse who tries to stop Charles Cullen (Eddie Redmayne), a coworker, from killing his victims while moving from hospital to hospital over the course of a 16-year career. The movie will also shed light on the hospital management that allowed Cullen to get away with his crimes for such a long time, as well as the American healthcare system. Below are pictures from The Good Nurse that were recently released.

The Good Nurse Photos

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Is there The Good Nurse (2022) trailer

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